Did Jim Day make the PUNT not Field Goal decision???

If rumours are true that Daly convinced Miller to punt not kick a field goal at the end of the Calgary vs. Sask. game that should be the last straw for him in Saskatchewan. Goodbye Daley! It certainly looked like Daly had Miller's ear just at the time of the decision.

I don't think so... Miller said he would try it again, so it was his decision. Its a bonehead move in more ways than one... I would think that Congi must be wondering if the coach has confidence in him... and aside from that the play didn't work out, I dont believe that play has ever worked.. didn't Wally try that play twice before?

Although it is ultimately Ken Millers decision, it looked as if Jim Daley did influence his decision. Congi has a very good field goal percentage this season and throughout his career. Why they did not have faith in him from the 30 yard line is beyond me.

He needs to go regardless lol

Even if Daley did unduly influence what was clearly a change in direction, Miller wouldn't throw Daley under the bus in a post-game press conference. And it would be just like Miller to take the heat on himself and off someone else in public. What happens behind closed doors might be another issue. But I don't see a firing on the immediate horizon either. Miller had a choice to heed the advice or go with his initial call so it was ultimately Miller's decision. That he might have received (and acted on) bad advice will go in the mental list at performance evaluation time but not a firing.

…just watch Daley on the sidelines…he’s continually in Millers ear trying to sandbag the old guy :lol: I still have to laugh at a quote somebody had posted last year…It went ’ Jim Daley should not be allowed anywhere near a football club’ :lol: so true…I’m afraid the riders are stuck with Mr. Bumbler …The Bombers couldn’t wait to jettison him and the esks. did the same…The riders will catch-on eventually :lol:

The Riders did catch on in the late 90s when he was our head coach. Too bad our memory is short.

....forgot about his term as head -man in sask.....How many times is this guy going to be recycled ... I wonder if Eric is putting him on his list of candidates, when he re-does the coaching roles in edm......:roll: :lol: :lol:

Hopefully ... :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Just a thought here; I remember the 1994 Grey Cup game was won on a last play of the game by Passaglia. So just say that this was the case (Grey Cup) again, I think Miller would have sent Congi in to win it, hands down.
Note: There was other last second Grey Cup Fieldgoal wins other than the 94 game.

I gotta think Tillman is smart enough to know Daley should be in a home, not on a team's sideline. :smiley:

Maybe he wanted to taunt the stamps by beating them by a rouge on the last play of the game.

The Riders weren't a good team under Jim Daley in the late 90's, we made a Grey Cup under his guidance but as a mediocre 8-10 team that got hot at the right time. We were never anything more than mediocre to bad.

...aka, the 'white hair coach'...

I hear the decision to punt was made by Braley, who seems to be responsible for everything else that happens in this league. Or so we are told.

I was willing to let that bonehead decision to punt slide until I heard Coach Miller say he'd do the same thing again in the same situation. I wonder if Miller would send the 13th man onto the the field again on the last play of the Grey Cup if he got the chance.

Got Alzheimer's? :lol: :lol: :lol:

What was he supposed to say?

I think "I made a mistake" would have been the right thing for Miller to say.

The decision to punt was definitely the wrong one, but if you're going to punt, you've got to aim for the sidelines. Kicking it straight down the field meant he needed a 55-yard kick to score the winner. And you're kicking right to the returner, who just needs to get it out of the end zone. Aiming for the sidelines would mean you would probably get a bounce, and a 31-yarder would give you the point you need.

If they had gone for the field goal, even if Congi missed, it would be as good as a punt, with the Stamps needing to get the ball out of the end zone.