Did it look different at home?

We were at the game and several things surprised us.

  1. The 'Cats had little energy. The dropped pass on the fake punt and the subsequent Argo TD lit up the Argos who - until then - also seemed to be dragging. The sidelines for each team seemed somewhat switched from last wee

  2. At the half everyone was amazed at the stats showing us over 100 yds. ahead as - in the stadium - things seemed very even. Lots of exchanges between the 20's. I'm guessing that all our extra yards came on the 15 yd. differentials on the punts. Setta only had one good boomer the entire game and we always had extra yards to make up. Did anybody track this?

I just finished watching the game on tape and I was surprised with how well they seemed to have played compared to watching the game live. They moved the ball pretty well accept for the two and outs but even then they did move the ball ok. Glenn was hitting his receivers and they were making the catches. Bruce looked great. Chris Davis and Bauman looked good. Stala made some nice catches and Cobb ran the ball well.
I guess they just couldn't find that break out play.
I feel better after watching the game.

We Play better at Home … That a Fact

They had their heads up their assh@l#*!. I could see that all the way over here in NZ! It was bound to happen, I expect that... but why against the Argo's. :oops:

So you haven't watched the 3rd quarter yet?

haha, no the third quarter was a wash. Neither team moved the ball all that much but the Cats didn’t look as bad as I thought. The 3rd quarter was just a combination of small mistakes that amounted to a lot of missed opportunities but no real major mistakes on either side…
I was amazed how the Ticats could move the ball when they really had to at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters. If they could play like that all game it would have been no contest…