Did I miss something ...

Was reviewing the roster and noticed that John Williams and Sasha Glavic were not on the list.

Have they been released?

Now I know they aren't first stringers that were major contributors last year but I thought they were both good "special teamers".

Does anyone know what gives?

Glavic was released, William's was not re-signed.Will miss William's on ST but that's about it.Time for Darcy Brown to step up and dominate.

Special teams players are always replacable, unless they are a full out standout, they can be replaced by newer younger guys almost always

They release Williams every year and then re-sign him near the end of training camp.
Not saying that's what they're gonna do, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

I too was confused about Glavic because in every story about his brother Erik they mention that Sasha plays for Ti-Cats. I thought he got cut, then I'd see the stories. I'm glad to finally get an answer.

It's possible that Sasha could be coming back, I mean he could've talked his brother into signing here because he knew he'd be back.Sasha and Erik are 2 fine young Canadians, no doubt.Sasha the ST demon, Erik a symbol of hope for N/I QB's.

I hope you're right, especially about Erik. As much as I like Glenn, Porter and Tafralis, nothing would be better than seeing a Canadian QB lead us to a Grey Cup. :thup: