The Ti-Cats fire Taaffe - I couldn't be happier - I wanted him fired last year during the season - that he was kept on after last season made me crazy - but Bellefeuille as his replacement with the apparent committment that he can keep the job if the Ti-Cats do anything?

Did I miss something? - the Ti-Cats have not had a clue on offence - they don't run the ball when that is their strength - and when I say this I mean they do not try to establish the run in many games.

And how can a team with mobile quarterbacks not design anything to use their mobility - no roll-outs, no designed runs - nothing.

Rather our quarterbacks remain in the pocket - and this is the case no matter how much pressure the other team is bringing - and nothing at all is done to combat the pressure - no moving pocket,no roll-outs, no screens, no quarterback draws, no running back draws, no rolling pitch-outs, no quick hitters - nothing.

Why in Saskatchewan do I watch Bishop roll out and set up shop buying valuable time to complete passes while the Ti-Cats don't seem to have a sniff what to do?

The problem I have is that Bellefeuille was our Offensive Co-ordinator during a period when our offence has made no sense of any kind and has been totally inept - how possibly does this put him in line for the Head Coach's job - maybe he should have done even worse as he'd have been named President of the team using this analysis.

I celebrate Taaffe being gone - it was always my feeling that he had little to do with the success in Montreal and appeared totally useless from moment one in Hamilton - but there better be more to Bellefeuille than his offensive schemes have shown - otherwise we have replaced one blockhead with another - KLZCat