Did I miss something? Bombers/Lions 08/21

No one is talking about this? I'm not trying to dig up old bones or defending stupid fans, but when the Lions flipped the bird to Rider fans, they got beer bathed. Did they learn? Now the commish is dealing with it again? And what's this "self-imposed" crap. If they want to pay a fine, why not to the Blue Bombers so they can send underprivelged WPG kids to a Bomber game? They did something that benefited their own organization. And then No-Cohennies commends them for doing the right thing, therefore he doesn't have to do a thing. Give me a break.

Commissioner's statement on BC Lions

August 31, 2009

Statement Regarding the BC Lions from CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon

TORONTO -- On Friday, August 21st, following player introductions and prior to the start of their game, British Columbia Lions gathered at centre field and made an offensive gesture towards their opponents, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The league office pursued this matter with the Lions organization, which immediately indicated its strong disapproval of the players’ actions, and sought permission to express that disapproval by imposing its own discipline. I have now been advised it has taken the following steps:

• The Lions organization has publicly acknowledged this behaviour was “embarrassing? and should not and will not be tolerated.

• The Lions organization has extended an apology to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

• GM and Head Coach Wally Buono along with all 42 players on the roster that night have self-imposed a fine of an unspecified amount, the proceeds from which will be used to make it possible for a significant number of underprivileged Vancouver youth to attend an upcoming CFL game.

I want to commend the Lions organization for its decisive response, and take this opportunity to remind all of our players, teams and associated personnel that when we respect our opponents, we respect our game, our league, and ultimately, our fans.

Wally jumped all over this before the CFL head office. During the weekend following there was talk about the incident (We were at the game and didn’t notice it) and Wally had already imposed fines on the “Culprits”.

I think the reason CFL couldn’t fine the players that made the gesture is I think somewhere in the CFLPA contract, players can only be fined a certain amount for a incident. If Wally already “Maxed” out the fine, then the league really couldn’t add anything to the players.

Whatever the gesture they made it went undetected by a lot of us fans. I think the Lions did the right thing by taking the initiative and dealt with the players sooner rather than later.

On a foot note, one radio announcer joked that the Lions organization should have given the tickets to Bomber Kids instead of Lion kids. The announcer said making kids watch the Lions play bordered on child punishment.

Hilarious. . . thanks Sportsmen for my laugh of the day.

Glad to see that the BC Lions handled this internally, and it is now a non-issue, so now we don’t have to talk about it anymore. . . oops wrong team.

For all we know, there might not of been any fines at all and the Lions just donated tickets.

The Lions continue to how unclassy they are. Cohon is a joke. If it was the Riders he would have been all over us with fines.

I don't belive the action of a few idiots makes the organization unclassy. In fact, I was impressed to read that Wally had already dealt with it.