Did I Miss It????

What?... no thread about Jones' failure to try a FG to tie BC in the closing moments? Apologies if so...That was completely inexcusable. Plain stupid, unless maybe Shaw was hurting or something????

Yes, you missed it.

To be fair I think it was only in the game thread not a thread of its own.

I was really just having fun with the title of the thread, but you are right, it was in the game thread and not a separate thread of its own. :wink:

Obviously, I missed the game thread and I kind of expected it to be a separate topic here. Just checked that thread and saw brief mention of it there, but mostly a ton of whining about penalties and how badly Nichols sucks. With inept coaching like that, those complaints pale in comparison. No clue what Jones was thinking, other than that he wasn't and apparently no one else on his entire staff was either. WTH??? Shaw's been lights out.

Jones was asked about it at the end of the game and talked to the reporter like the reporter was stupid,and said," Don't you think we have charts for situations like that?"

Yeah, I'm brought up to speed after reading the "Critical Moment" thread. Sorry. Anyway - the chart? Seriously? OMG. I can't even get my head around that kind of stupidity. Generally I like Jones, but talk about being asleep at the wheel!....unbelievable.

Should have included a :wink: in my post. Wasn't being entirely serious, just having a little fun as well.

No worries, y'all. It's not like I worry about hurt feelings via the internet, fer crissakes. I haven't been here in a while...I'm a statesider who's big into the CFL. Maybe Delaware's only CFL fan for all I know. People here look at me funny when I talk about it and then go on about how it's minor league, blah, blah...From where I sit, it's far more entertaining than the clown show that the NFL has become. It's a different game entirely and it moves much faster. Not trying to start a debate, just sayin'. Props to this forum, btw.

And welcome too fellow American Eskimos' fan :smiley: . By my count between this forum and a sports blog I follow, there appear to be three of us so far. :roll: The other one is also here in Indiana in Fort Wayne but not on this forum. But also I wonder about any expatriate fans of the Eskimos here in the US or elsewhere.

Yes sometimes those discussions and debates stay in the game thread. Check there first, and the exchanges are that much more passionate and fiery during the games too.

There might be another one of us in the Philadelphia metro area, but he never has affirmed which team is his favourite though I think it is between the Eskimos and Argos.

If you are reading this message, you know who you are and when the time is right go for it. :wink:

I enjoy all football - CFL, NFL, CIS, NCAA.

But as for the NFL being a clown show, I have to admit hat I’ve never heard of a player sucker punching the team’s starting quarterback and sending him to the injury list for an extended period
Now THAT is clown like! :lol:

(Gotta love the Jets! :lol: )