Did I just dream it

I thought the talks were over and it was game on, but you would never know it by these forums. What? Is everyone too busy being into the beautiful game??

The World Cup will get everyone into a sport's mindset and looking forward to the CFL Season of 2014.

I am not sure but there seems to be to much argument and not enough discussion for many and there is far less contributions that in the past.

Why not just post something football related if you want to have a discussion. Up to you FYB instead of this nonsense,

I didn't say I specifically wanted to have a discussion. I was questioning the lack of discussion by others. You don't get to decide if what I say is nonsense or not. Have a nice day

Besides, this topic is football related, just like my post re game stats on this site. so there :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I am back. I'll try to contribute more ... you guys that have been keeping this forum alive, my hats off to you :slight_smile:

where are you back from :wink:

Funny guy ... you know the story: I can't tell you or I'd have to kill you :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin:

I was away from Thursday night to Sunday evening and I was surprised at how little talk there was about the games too when I checked in (after watching Ottawa on PVR).