Did I hear right?

I think I heard Rick Moffat on CJAD well chom to-night say that the CFL anounced they will have video replay in 2006. Anybody catch the comment?

It was in the paper that Tom Wright said it'll happen for 2006, and that expansion will take place by 2010.

How can they have video replay in place when all the games aren't on TV? Seeing as there were still something like 5 games throughout the year that weren't televised anywhere, are they going to rely on whatever the teams have? Or are they going to have a deal with TSN & CBC to ensure all games have the same level of coverage so they'll have the proper angles to actually review plays?

I'd love to see it, but I don't want it to be half-*ssed. It is the CFL tho, and they do seem to like to make things as Mickey Mouse as possible.

Maybe it'll be on a trial basis in the pre-season or something???

Geeze let it start before we complain about it.
this year there are 85 televised games and 5 that are not so lets forget the whole thing
Besides it doesn't have to be on TV to have video replay

expansion in 2010? what happened to 2008?

Preaching To The Chior Kanga. I Don't Want To Have To Wait For 4 More Seasons Untill We Have A Balenced Shedual Unless Of Course They're Planning On Waiting So Long So That They Can Bring In 3 More Teams (As Discaused In Spikes 'Tenth Team' Post).

As For The Video Replay I'm Really Opposed To It Because I See How Pooly Done It's Done In The States. The Problem Down There Is That Because Once The Wistle Is Blown The Plays Dead. Now The Reffs Wait To Blow The Wistle And Let The Coaches Challenge The Call On The Field. This Means That Unless The Ref Is Sure That The Player Is Down They Won't Blow The Wistle Meaning That There's A Lot More Pilling On After The Play.

I don't mind Video Reply, becase now I know that they will time it and the league seems to be doing it right.

However, I believe bad calls are a part of the game, it's like in "Go", "once you make a move (put a stone down), it's final, you can't take it back."

Bamboo said it best that the video replay in the US does change some calls on the field, and does get some of the controversial calls correct, there must "irrefutable evidence" to actual change a call. Plus in some cases they take so long to come back with their response and it's usually "the play stands as called on the field". Also with the challenges, if a team challenges a call on the field and is unsuccessful, they lose a timeout. When they are out of challenges, they can't do anything about a potential bad call on the field. My personal opinion is that it does work, but I wish you could get an answer a bit quicker.
My bigger problem with the NFL, is that the officials on the field are not full- time officials, like umpires in Major League Baseball are. With a 16 game season and 4 pre-season games in the NFL, the field officials hold other jobs such as school principals, salesmen, and business owners. With full-time officials, calling the game would be more uniform and would improve. i just don't want to see a game decided on one call, especially a bad one.

If You Want To Install VR Correctly Do It Like OT But For The Whole Game. Have One Ref In A Booth And Everytime There's A Big Play, Like A TD Or Turnover He Can Watch The Replays In His Booth And If There's Reason To Stop The Game And Review He Can Call Down To The Head Ref.

KK I agree with you, we cant wait till 2010 for expansion. I'd say we should start the bidding war now with the three presumed cities, Halifax, Moncton and QC. To include building a stadium, league fees and minimum 15,000 season tckets for three years. All in time for 2007.

he said expansion NO LATER THAN 2010....could come sooner

I also remember after the Halifax game this year, the league was saying how they wanted to make a decision before the end of this year?

The CFL tapes every game whether it’s on TV or not. All they have to do is get a few more cameras and tape from a few more angles. A Blacked out or untelevised game can still have IR.

Does not matter about the tv coverage, because if they follow the NFL example, they have their own cameras.

I think that is an ambitions statement........WRIGHT, might not even be there in 2006, if certain owners don't wake up about how important WRIGHT has been to this league.He still has to have his contract renewed.

The NFL example is too expensive for the CFL , unless they find a sponsor for it.

As for expantion...except for LONDON , ONTARIO a stadium still needs to be built.

I think that with attendance and tv ratings increasing over the last few years, the cfl should capitalize and create a 10th expansion franchise asap. 2010? thats too far away, i think it'd be appropriate to expand the league within the next 2-3 years.

Good point! lets not forget this is a business. They will not say or do anything to make themselves look too bad. But.....they want an evenly balanced league as much as the fans do so my guess is they won't wait for 2010.

Yes I can see it now....and this games instant replay is brought to you by Preparation H, remember to use Preparation H for any pain in the ass situations....how fitting for instant replay is that?l :wink:

Any links to this story?

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