Did hell freeze over?

Is it true, can we say it out loud. It appears that Calgary fans may actually be cheering for Edmonton this week! A B.C. win greatly reduces the Stamps chances of hosting a play-off game.

oh, I thought The Eagles reunited again. :frowning:

Won’t be the first time … remember in 1993 when the NDP got more seats than the PCs? :smiley:

(full credit to This Hour Has 22 Minutes)

...the stamps also have to run the table, against two powerful teams that have meaningful reasons to win....the odds are not good for Calgary fans regardless of whatever catastrophe befalls the esks or lions...

If the Stamps beat the Als and the Bombers beat the Argos then the Stamps final game of the regular season would be meaningless for the Bombers and they would likely rest a few players which would likely help the Stamps chances.

Stamps won't beat the Als.

Stanger things have happened.

A word I learned from Blue Blood; Stanger: To sting someone flicking the wrist. I used to get a flick by one of my brothers.
I wonder if Tate or Burris starts in Montreal? Stampeders will use both I say.

No if Lions lose both remaining games, Stamps only have to win one.

I really wish we could edit comments more than a few minutes after posting them. mumbles Stupid typo.

...correct, I missed the math...long shot though...

Can still happen though, going back to when Buono coached here. If the season ended in mid October he would need more fingers for his Grey Cup rings. Still, it is as you say a long shot. Would be great though to see both Alberta teams hosting a playoff game.

If Edmonton wins Calgary has a chance to host a playoff game. If BC wins Calgary has a (slim, slim) chance to clinch first place. Hmm...

Your going to be shocked when the Argos beat the bombers and Als beat Calgary.

One flick of the wrist; Eskies/Bombers make it to Cup; HfxTC...Shock Wave :cowboy:

And if Calgary does then what happens on your next....ect? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I dunno about hell freezing over, but the Argos and the Riders bopth just won in the same week ... sign of apocalypse?

Now the shoe is on the other foot and Edmonton fans will be cheering for Calgary. fun time in the CFL. Calgary wins we have; 5 teams tied for best over-all record with one week to go. 3 out of 4 games on the final weekend have huge play-off implications. I will be out of the Country next weekend on business and will miss the biggest regular season line up in recent memory. Timing sucks.

Sign of the inconsistency that's plagued seemingly every team in the league this year. They're up and down like yo-yos from week to week. I'm not sure if its entertaining or confusing.

You sure about that? :slight_smile: