Did Getzlaf play yesterday (Oct.9th) vs the Argos?

Did Getzlaf play yesterday (Oct.9th) vs the Argos? I didn't catch all of the game but never saw him, or heard anything about him and he received no stats.

Yeah, he was playing, but like Clermont, didn’t record a catch.

Because Chris and Jason were playing primarily in our maximum pass protection package. The Argos didn't have to worry about us running the ball!!!

IT was a pitiful offensive gameplan and of course we were outcoached once again in a back-back game.

Yes, and wasn't our protection package effective?

hitenhard: That avatar looks sort of Netherlandish. Am iI correct?

Stan, I have been wonderiong the same thing. It's nice to see some of the main contributors from Riderville staying with the site. Hope a few more start posting.

Yes, bring 'em on. From a non-Riderville poster who has hung out in the cfl.ca forums for some time now, it's wonderful to have a larger base with a broader base of views here. Welcome one and all!!

Nope, Sask boy by birth, dragged by parents to BC when I was young, and still live there.

Avatar was something someone posted on a CFL board about a year ago, and I thought it was funny so I saved it.

Never did the Riderville thing, but have been posting on the CFL boards for a while. (I get the most satisfaction from pissing off BC Fans :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

Looking forward to seeing more Rider fans posting!