Did everyone miss this?

I been away from the forum and the internet for about a week. I come back and find Tony Miles has been signed?! That's GRRREEAAAT news. And yet, i have seen no fan reaction to it. This is something to celebrate people. Armstead and Miles will anchor the receiving corps this year. Casey will have some nice targets, and this should free up bauman for the short over the middle stuff. Is there a Tony Miles thread anywhere? Or people just don't care? I think it is fantastic. I was sad to see him go to the blue team, because i've been a huge Tony Miles fan since his first preseason game in black and gold. Welcome back Tony! :thup:

Dude you missed alot. We are all quite happy with this signing. There is a thread just do a search

The problem is that there was a problem with the CFL website and all the information for 1 week was taken down. It seems to be restored now.

no.. you missed it

Thanks guys! I am soooo excited! :smiley:

Dude, Awesome screenname. lol. each time i see a sports writer, or media personality call hammilton the Bengals, I twitch and think to myself "wrong league F@#$'r"

tabbies i can live with though.