Is it only me, but did anyone notice on Wednesday night CBC Olympic feed when Brian Williams had Don Cherry on for the usual 9:00 pm eastern feed. To discuss the game earlier in the afternoon.
I have been trying to surf the papers to see if anyone picked up on it, but I am sure that Don dropped the "F" bomb almost by accident of course while speaking to Brian Williams. It caught me by surprise and it was quick of course. In order to see whether my mind was playing games, I do have time shifting, so I decided to watch the western CBC feed in Vancouver here in the east at midnight. Sure enough, the "F" bomb was deleted by the network. So, I was right.

isn’t that why he’s delayed 3 seconds on HNIC

The reason he's delayed 3 seconds is because he picks on Swedes and French Canadians with visors.

Don Cherry Obituatry

There is no more delay on the CBC for Cherry

Cherry is a disgrace to the game of hockey. When Brian Williams asked him about the other games in the tournament the other night after Canada got eliminated, his response was “I don’t care”. Fine Don, but keep this to yourself. Aren’t you getting paid by CBC, a government run company, to provide expert hockey analysis, like the commentators do in the other sports, who do it professionally unlike yourself? I think so. You make Canada look stupid and our game look stupid. And guess what, while many think “only hockey matters at the Winter Olympics” many others of don’t give hockey quite that importance, including me. I hope that CBC fires you for hockey analysis on Olympics, you don’t deserve to be there.

Ok, after my rant on Cherry above, I got thinking that maybe Cherry has something here. I've read on a popular hockey forum that a lot of Canadian hockey fans agree with Cherry, who now cares. And you know, that's how I feel when the Habs get eliminated, and then, that's how I really feel when no Canadian teams are left in the NHL playoffs. And also one reason why the CFL is so great, we know Canadian teams with Canadian players will be playing in the Grey Cup Championship.
So Don, my apologies for dissing you above, you may have something afterall with your "I don't care" comments about the Olympics and no Canadian team anymore.

Nice 180 degree turn there Earl. Don Cherry is paid to entertain and be contreversial. You should know that. CBC counts on viewers tuning in to see whats going to come out of his mouth next. As a hockey man, I agree with many of the things that he has to say. When he starts to wade into the political arena that's when he causes trouble for himself. The problem for him is that he just can't seem to get the mouth shut at the right time.


As most of us are from Canada, and the majority of the remainder are from the US, I think it's probably safe to say that a large portion of us don't care who wins the gold in men's hockey now that our two countries are eliminated. Don was saying what we are all thinking.

As for whether or not he should have said it, why not? Who's going to hear his comments but Canadians? I don't think the Swedes are over there starting riots in the streets because some joker of a Canadian announcer said he doesn't care who wins.

The "F" word, however, was a big boo-boo. The CRTC may have something to say about that.

well **** me! I love that word! :lol:

Although I agree with Don on most of the things that he says, I just can't stand it with his over the top homerism on the Leafs. Almost the same with Cole and Neale. The last two the CBC just has to get rid of.
I heard they will be on the B schedule next year, with the prime time going to Jim Hughson. Still, for my money for the best play by play guy is Chris Cuthbert, for both football and hockey.

I don't think I've every heard Cuthbert call a bad game.....Cole and Neale, though, have to go.....can't stand them.....

No.....Cherry Cole and Neale Pro Leaf fans...I never would have guessed. :lol:

The worst case of homerism from Bob Cole was 1994 when Greg Adams scored the winning goal against the Leafs in Game 5 of the Playoffs....I thought Cole was going to break into tears.

......unless Cole starts talking about all the babes he's bedded......the guy is like Gene Simmons you know.....

Of course, Cuthbert is doing the games on the NBC, for the Olympics and the weekend NHL games. That's one guy who could have gone to the States for big dollars, but instead decided to remain home.

Cole does have the voice, sometimes funny...but great when he's riding the play-offs..
I like Cutberth in football also...A huge loss for The CBC...
I always liked, Kurt Kielback...he did the Jets games, big voice, makes boring coyote games rock..

KK would be good for the CFL.

Cutberth still does the CFL I Hope, I love his voice.

Looking forward to it, the season can't come soon enough. With all the games on TV, we will hear CC on TSN with more games.

and see games online for the frist time if were lucky. :wink:

We will also here, Cris Walby's intelligent insight, of whats really happening on the field.
Great team they have on the CBC..Tsn does a bang up job also, Merge and bring us Hype CFL Sunday..