Did Danny get the short end of the stick?

I was thinking about the trade and I wonder whether or not Danny Mac could have been treated better. He had already said he was willing to play one final year in a back-up/teaching position. After 8 years with the team they traded him off rather unceremoniously.

What do you think?

I think he was a good catch…going to be a terrific coach someday.
To bad my Bomber’s can’t think fast enough…
Yea ro, when there’s under the table deals, best not to have a parade…

Well aside from the validity of the trade(which I dont question) I think he could have been treated better.

Like sending him to Alberta in a Caddy would of been a good fit.
Thanx Danny enjoy the wheels..your a champ.

.......he is in a teaching role, he's being sent to the eskimos to teach ricky ray how to take a sack without getting hurt too much.....


everyone loves coming to a class organization like the eskies...

not the point

I heard danny mac wants to coach after next season, he will start by being a plyer coach to ray and jj , dannymac knows the game real well and will be an asset to the young guys next season imho...

After watching Ricky Ray this season Danny has a good chance at starting ha ha ha ha ha

also many see dannymac as the same stlye of qb as ray, i would agree.

Thank you, I see Danny Mac with his quick release no mobility actually help in RR's tutoring. RR was to slow this year up until the Grey cup game.

Well if its what he wants, who am I to judge

In case you didn't notice, Ray played the entire season behind suspect pass blocking and managed to start every game. Although it was my opinion that he was injured, there is no denying that is a pretty durable player. He took a lot of punishment in the last half of the season.


Or Maybe Danny Mac will succeed Lancaster Junior as OC.

I'd like to see that, Lancaster's an idiot!

I hope Dmac shows them how to complete a perfect interception......

I agree! I think Edmpnton's offense played well in SPITE of Junior!

After he retires, he'll move back to Hamilton and replace Walby as CBC's colour commentator. It's a shorter drive to the Hall of Fame, where his bust will soon reside.