Did CFL & TSN botch the Regina Showcase?

Seriously, other than the hype on this board - and a couple regional team boards the CFL Week was not done properly.

Why not?

For one, there was diddly to diddly squat coverage on the league's most important partner - Bell/TSN - yeah, a few clips of Duane & Farhan moping around the facilities but that's about it.

TSN should have had its major football panel and play-by-play men there for the better part of at least 3 days (Matt, Milt, Chris, etc.) plus Chris Cuthbert - even a mope like Rod Black, who's far better on the podium, yapping and telling his own brand of lies than he is in the broadcast booth.

We know Sportsnet and superficial properties like Timid Sid are prohibited from doing much with the CFL by virtue of being shut out of broadcast rights. Bob McCown talks CFL but only to desecrate its history.

We know the CFL was mealy-mouthed about lack of coverage so it valiantly attempted to stream a few of the events and some of the athletic events - even 'The World's Slowest 40 Competition'.

What could they have done?

A couple of things. Use their marketing budget to purchase time on CTV, TSN, Global, CBC or any number of cable outlets. But it as if they're hawking products like the Minneapolis pillow man, K-Tel, etc. BUY BLOCKS OF 1/2 HOUR SEGMENTS AND RUN EDITED VERSIONS OF WHAT WENT DOWN DURING CFL WEEK. At least more fans would be exposed and some of the fans would be absolutely new to the CFL. At the end of the programs you could run concurrent 1-800 #s to direct season ticket purchases to the right team - sell books on the history of the CFL, even have the odd auction of CFL-signed and un-signed merchandise.

TSN's CFL production unit is fairly adept at producing great, short pieces of media. Just have them adjust to the hawking type world and give it a go. What harm could come of it? :cowboy:

The CFL deserves kudos for the idea and Regina and the Riders for a great job well done!

I would find it difficult to find anything negative about the inaugural first installment of Marks CFL week.
It was the perfect time during the National Combine and the perfect place in Regina.
Lots of Player reps, Team reps and League reps.
The 2nd CFL week should be in Regina again next year, then start putting it up for host bids. :rockin:

Not surprising that Lyle of all people would fish for a negative about an event from all accounts involved, was a massive success.

I think this was a great week. Being the first run it was very smart for the CFL not to broadcast this on TSN.

If I was to make two suggestions for future iterations. Backup the cameras and use wide angle lens during the ones on ones.

Have prospect profiles and interviews of the top prospects.

Overlay of stats and numbers put up in real time or shown live on the web page as a side app.

Congrats to the CFL and the city of Saskatchewan.

…I agree it was a good week but always room for improvement…Interviews with top prospects are done on tsn before the combine (not enough) but they could have definitely profiled and interviewed players who were doing well AT the combine…One on one’s with players in an interview can be quite revealing and would go along way in introducing these players to the CFL

It was a great week and a fantastic time that I think for inaugural year did a fantastic job. There was live streaming of the events on multiple platforms and perhaps if those numbers climb it will land on TSN some day. The event itself was fabulous and very family friendly.

For a first year it was good. I hope though that they will eventually have it on TSN, like the NFL does for its Combine

I agree the event, taken in isoloation only was fantastic - but the media coverage was, as usual very weak.

If TSN and other sports media aren't providing responsible partnership coverage - whats wrong with the CFL purchasing blocks of time on available media (TV & Radio) advertorial type segments?

It is the first year and in a facility that they probably want to save showcasing until the regular season. This seems like something they can invest in for the future. I can entirely understand wanting to keep it a little more lowbrow for the first year in case it was a flop. I think there will be more coverage in the future. I don't know if they would do a full panel on it, but they could probably have 1 person (Smith) talking about it a bit with some charts and graphics, and more corresponding with a field reporter, and it would be a golden opportunity to rotate in 'guest' analysts with both Smith and on the field. There were a lot of CFL players there, and I feel they thoroughly enjoyed it and will largely return. They can mix in a few of those as well as some ex-players that were there. There was a PILE of interviewing going onto different social media feeds, and the players ate it up. The trick to making it airable on a main network will, however, be ensuring there is better flow to the events. To air it right now would be a big expense, because they would probably need a bigger production crew and more scattered cameras of TV producing quality than are at actual games in order to give an afternoon of watching this enough interesting flow to retain people for any length of time. Had they aired this on a network it would have been a complete bust this year, so I like that they are (hopefully) building towards that

My initial post was certainly not intended to denigrate the league. Rather build it up by assuming poor media coverage and doing more extensive filming and later video package editing that could be used as paid advertising on various media; thus exposing our great league to those who've never witnessed it before.

If they do it in a less avid market than Sask'n, Winnipeg, Edmonton or Ottawa its more important to activate media to expose the product - can't rely on tepid TSN (that only honors its barebones agreement to air games, but little supplementary coverage)

I thought I read in a tweet or maybe an article or could be that I dreamed the whole thing up but that there were around 1100 different pieces written during CFL week.

Seems to me if you wanted news you didnt have to look far.

Exactly. Also with those writings there was a buttload of video as well. Now, they could have done a better job promoting it, but I think this was more a matter of chucking it against the wall and seeing if it sticks (without a significant investment), and I think it stuck. Even if it never gets serious TV time, the even itself is a major win. This was a perfect scenario....brand new facility that will draw interest in what is a great marketplace for the league...there was going to be interest in it. I think they have proven it is an event to continue with and coverage may evolve some with it, but it is still likely going to be niche viewership. Having things like a QB challenge would help make at least one day of it something people would tune into more. I would love to see this evolve to something where they do a skills competition with vets in combination with the combine. Essentially you would have the combine having say the 40...then the vet receivers would come out for a competition. Then you would have the bench....then the QBs come out for a throwing competition. It gets rid of downtime and makes things flow...plus their is some name recognition that would go with seeing future faces go at it. I think that is something that could be marketed and produce TV numbers that make it worth it.

I agree, CFL week a big hit and lots of press coverage at a time of year when there is usually no CFL news.
Some teams started selling their mini-packages last week too.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2017/03/26/inaugural-cfl-week-proves-to-be-huge-hit]http://www.ottawasun.com/2017/03/26/ina ... e-huge-hit[/url]

Let's just hope they don't kill the baby by starting to charge ridiculous prices for events or gouging people with price fixing of hotel rooms.

Newspapers sports pages this morning


Are you talking about Grey Cup weekend?
It's like March break, hotel prices increase because of supply and demand. I wouldn't call it price fixing.
Same as air fares, try booking a flight south during March break and compare to the week after or before.

I 3was just going to say something about the sun and the great coverage. I would like to see TSN have a show on this week ,during the week next yr.

....Buono has it right....we can't just have CFL exposure from June to Nov.....Off season has got to get better as far as keeping the CFL in the media ....The next combine could see the tsn panel attend which would be a leg up...Get talking CFL early and often and it will bode well for the future and the young people who would take interest :thup:

I've been saying this for years. CFL doesn't know how to market itself. Outside of Hamilton And Saskatchewan the teams don't either.

This is a step in the right direction. If this league invested in itself it would not be stuck where it is today.

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Total numbers are in: #MarksCFLWeek generated 1,489 articles nationwide & more than 351 million global #media impressions. #CFL #CFLCombine