Did Canadian football have the fair catch rule at one time?

This topic isn't meant as a discussion for or agains't the fair catch (I personally like the Canadian 5 yard rule better) but just read the following in Wikipedia which suggests to me that Canadian football had the fair catch at one time. Can anyone verify this?

"Various forms of football descended from certain English school football games of the 19th century have had a fair catch. It was abolished early in the development of soccer, then in the middle of the 20th century by Canadian football..."

I can't believe that we ever had the fair catch rule. Our game developed from the game of rugby. which doesn't have it, and I think it unlikely that it was conjured up with no basis. ( Except by the Americans, who do some unexplainable things with the game, anyway.)
I know for a fact that there was no fair catch back to the 30's and 40's. My memory doesn't extend to earlier than that.
I would be interested in hearing for sure, but to me it seems VERY unlikely.

Is that the 1830's, or 1730's, Wilf?

Seriously though, I always respect the storehouse of history you have locked up in your head.

Yes, the Canadian Rugby Union had fair catch rule but abolished it in, I believe 1891. Keep in mind that at the time there were so many regional unions and teams, not all may have had it.

US football also had three downs til NCAA formed in 1911.

If you want something authoritative settled about Canadian football, there is
a certain book I could recommend. 8)

Thanks guys. What is the title of the book sobrien? I did know that Americans had 3 downs at one time, it was to make 5 yards for a first, correct?

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