Did Calgary learn its lesson?

Narrowly escaping total humiliation last week on their own turf, the Stamps hung on to beat the Eskies. After enjoying a commanding 37-7 lead with only 11 minutes in the game the Stamps almost let it slip away allowing the Esks to rack up 27 points in only about 10 minutes. Unbelievable!

Have the Stamps learned anything from that fiasco? Do the Esks have the momentum on their side going into tonight's game at Commonwealth Stadium? How a team like Calgary can take a commanding 37-7 lead with only 11 minutes left and almost lose the game is beyond comprehension. Was it nerves on Calgary's part last week? Did things suddenly start clicking for QB Reilly and his Eskimos? Or did the Stamps just become over-confident and complacent figuring the game was in the bag?

Tonight's game is going to be interesting indeed! Either the Stamps will destroy the Esks D like it almost did last week or the Stamps will be second guessing themselves knowing that no lead is a "safe" lead. The Esk's near miraculous come from behind victory hopefully will give them that much needed confidence knowing that even with only 11 minutes left in a game and more than 4 touchdowns behind, things can change and there is still hope.

How do you all see tonight's game playing out?

  1. A narrow victory for Edmonton?
  2. A blow-out by the Stamps?
  3. A close game but Calgary prevailing?

I really have no idea what might happen. :roll:

Hopefully the Stamps play better than they did in the 4th quarter on Monday.

I disagree that the Stamps "destroyed" the Esks D Monday. The Esks were destroyed by 3 quarters of two and outs leaving their D to stop the Stamps again and again. I would say that it was the Eskimo's O that was destroyed by the Stamps, not their D. All things considered, Time of Possession, and 3 huge penalty calls or missed calls that resulted directly in 17 points, (the two marginal PI calls on Rwabukamba (being generous to the officials) and the totally missed pick by Sinopoli), I think the Edmonton D performed admirably.

What will be interesting for me is whether or not Reilly gets pummelled again. Hopefully the Stamps do not take the day off, if they do it will be the Esks doing the blowing out. Wonder why you missed that scenario?

I think the biggest question is will the Hervey lashing effect their play? Will this be stuckk in people's heads so much that they 2nd guess themselve's into mistakes, or will it elevate their early game play?

...this...I think Hervey did his team a great dis-service by exploding after the LDC instead of taking the momentum that the Esks must've been feeling and riding that wave into tonight's game...I dont' see how the Esks rally around what has transpired in the past few days, but who knows, maybe they do...

I didn't miss the last scenario 3downhound. I just don't figure it into the realm of probabilities or possibilities for that matter unless of course the Stamps roll over and play dead.

As far as you disagreeing with my interpretation of Calgary "destroying" the Edmonton D we can argue that one till the cows come home. All I can say is that when a D allows 37 points in just over 3/4s of a game it is being destroyed.

Also I rarely lay blame on the refereeing and to say that this call or that call "led" to a TD or a game winning field goal. Teams that have been penalized seemingly unfairly have managed to prevent being scored upon. I'm not saying this could not happen and I'm sure it does but when it does it is rare in my opinion.

When fans complain that this penalty or that penalty led to a TD for the opposition what they leave out are the numerous non-calls that went in their own team's favour or the penalties levied against that opposition that went in favour of the Esks. Things have a way of balancing out.

I am guessing that Hervey’s explosion was more for the fans benefit than the players. The players dressing down would have been in the dressing room and may have been more bombastic than the news conference. Although I question the singling out of Rottier, it is possible that he is in on the theatrics.

Take away the 17 points off the aforementioned plays, 20 points in 3 quarters is not that bad. Consider that Calgary was held to under 100 yards rushing and just over 200 yards passing if you exclude the 3 suspect plays that were mentioned. Those three plays resulted in gains of 36 yds, 30 yds on the two PI calls and 42 yds on the missed pick play. Not to mention the 17 points.

I don't think the fans were the only ones complaining as Kavis Reed was fined $2500 for his criticism and even Calgary newpapers have questioned the bad PI calls, the missed pick play and the absolute mystery to everyone objectionable conduct penalty assessed to one of the Eskimo receivers ( think it was Koch) after scoring.

The fact is that two very marginal (again being charitable to the refs) PI calls were made in the endzone, placing the ball on the one yard line. One Calgary scored, the other was stopped by the eskimo D. Hard to argue that those two calls did not directly lead to 10 points.

I also think there was an attempt to "even out" the penalties but as is usually the case, the penalties called were in the middle of the field such as what I would say was a very questionable Roughing penalty on Keon Raymond in the 2nd quarter.

All in all, I would say Mondays game resulted in 3 quarters the Eskimos would like back, 1 quarter the Stamps would like back and I would suggest that 1 game the officials would like back.

Hopefully tonight we will see two teams give 60 minutes of good football and no controvercial decisions by the officials.

I honestly can't see how Hervey's rant and singling out of Simeon would not have an effect on the the Esks. Now, whether that effect has a positive or negative result is a question we will see answered in the game tonight. Will Sams be calling the plays for Mike - who knows after he turned up in practice doing just that on Wednesday. Hope to see Kavis reign in his emotions for the game and maintain an even keel. Also hope to see they have designed plays that either give Mike better protection and time to throw or where he can roll out and have time to find his receivers.

Will be hoping to finally see a game where the penalties are minimal and both teams fight to the finish for the win. Go, ESKS, Go.

Indeed, that is the big question. :thup: