did brandon banks get hurt last night

noticed brandon walking downtown with as boot on and walking gingerly

Walking gingerly in a boot - I would guess yes he did get banged up. If he’s out and about 2 weeks off will be good.

Maybe he hurt his foot running to catch a flight out of town

“Banks’s nickname, appropriately, is Speedy and he lived up to that moniker after the game. When reporters were allowed into Hamilton’s locker room, Banks had left to catch a late flight.”


Fair to say he wasnt seen downtown. Lock er up.

Lock er up? Are you crazy? This has the potential to reach Manziel like proportions!


Hey Crash i walked right past him on sat maybe you are wrong this is why i stopped coming on here

So let me get this straight…

You stopped coming on here solely because you think that Crash is wrong ?!? ;D ??? ;D

So he lied about catching a late flight?

Perhaps you are mistaken as to who you saw?

Not everything is right/wrong…mistakes do happen.

Maybe he walked by him at the airport . ;D

Do we all have to stop coming on here then? I remember a time back in '09 when I was SURE Crash was wrong.

Considering he’s been posting pics and videos of himself in Mexico without anything on his leg…

Thanks scoops!!

Hey crash i saw him on sat morning no mistake he is the most visible cat on tv maybe his flight was later that day maybe you should text him as you are the expert and ask him if he was downtown on sat morning i do not think he would have a plane ready for after the game . i stopped coming on here because too many people on here do not see the big picture and only see what they want to see and criticize people for their own opinions as they have nothing better to do with their time this is my last post i am gone again

Hey, if he was hurt and you saw him that will come out soon. Did you actually talk to him though.

Lots of people sensitive about a look alike. Remember the Kawhi Leonard imposter fooling people in Toronto?

And thus goes your credibility . Kindly explain considering the game was played on Saturday night how you managed to see him gingerly hobbling around in a walking boot the morning before the game was actually even played ?? ::slight_smile: ???

This is a strange thread and seems to have its premise based upon an inaccuracy. I’m going to lock it as there’s no point continuing.