Did Brady Stick It To The Pats?

Rumour has it, Tom Brady pressured the Patriots into tradingJimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers - Brady didn't like the competition.

Now there is a rumour Brady is considering walking away.

Did Brady screw the Pats by damaging their future because of his ego?

Tom Brady shows up when it matters. That's what I've seen over his career and I don't think that has changed.

I think you're missing my point. IF he retires, OR he gets hurt, the team traded away its future to make (soon to be) 41 year old Tom Brady happy...

The Jimmy Garoppolo trade leaves the New England Patriots horribly exposed


...the patriots can wallow in mediocrity for the rest of my life and I’d be okay with that...

Me, too. :slight_smile:

As a long suffering Bills fan - having my team have to play (and usually lose) two games a year to the Pats - I couldn't agree with you more. :slight_smile:

Hey Brady's great but that Head coach has a knack of finding guys that can play QB .

If Belichick left as well ; then then their screwed .

The people responsible for trading Garoppolo (Belichick, not Brady) are the ones who made the decision and as such possibly left the team exposed. Brady isn't GM. Everyday all over the planet pro athletes try to get their way. If the powers that be gave Brady the reins on that decision - that's on them - not him.

Any team and their GM that let's any player dictate what they will do is a sad organization and IF that's the case here, I hope the Pats lose a lot and often. That would look real bad on any sports franchise.

Belichick did NOT want J.G. traded and it is rumoured that he was considering quitting because of having his hand forced by Kraft - because of Brady's pressure....

We all do.

Some say Tom Brady is arrogant.

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL and a champion of champions. He also displayed surprising arrogance when he ditched his teammates when they travelled to The White House. I understand that a family medical or health situation may have been the reason for his absence, but I don’t think that's the case. In my opinion, TB12 just had more important things to do than visiting the leader of the free world and the office that has kept us from becoming Germany, Japan, Russia or the Middle East over the past 238 3/4 years...

Tom Brady is reportedly working out with his health guru, and the location looks like a resounding message to the team


..much ado about nothing...TB12 is literally like 150m from Gillette Stadium and he doesn't' have to be with the team at this point anyways...I can honestly see Kraft/Belichick/Brady coming up with this storyline over nachos to get some free press...