Did BC screw up the coin toss?

Montreal wins the toss, they defer and BC says they'll kick which means Montreal recieves 1st half and if they want , second half.

Am I missing something?????

Nothing compared to Popp's mistake of keeping Calvillo in.....I may eat my words mind you but it certainly looks like Calvillo isn't even in this game.....

BC did not say they would kick, they said they wanted a certain side...probably to have the wind in the 2nd quarter... meaning if Montreal takes the ball in the 3rd QTR, BC would then have both long QTRs with the wind.

Not exactly a bad strategy.

Dance with who brought you there. Especially when Marcus Brady's on the bench.

I think I would pick recieve the first half and choose end or wind in second half.

Also , the wind is out of the east at 7km/hr.

B.C. isn't screwing up much today, that's for sure. Even if you could say they screwed up the coin toss, they haven't done much wrong since then.

And Calvillo is 6/17 for 80 yards. Not the kind of numbers that you want to put up if you want to stay in the game. It may not hurt to have Nealon Greene in there.

I'm afraid it's quite likely this game won't be considered a classic right now.

So far the coin toss is all that Montreal has won. The B.C. first half domination is almost as total as the Ticats in '86.
Unless Calvillo starts hitting his receivers and they start catching, will be a long afternoon for Montreal.

That was reminding me of 1986 as well, thought Montreal had about 100 more net yards than Edmonton did. :slight_smile:

And Jones and Stegall were announce as the best all-time QB-receiver connection. The Winnipeg crowd had to like that. Time for the "McManus-Flutie got robbed" threads to start?

Good thing they kept Calvillo in....

Buono agrees :smiley:

Congrats BC! :thup:

And so B.C. wins 25-14, and congratulations to the Lions. With the way they performed so well, especially when it mattered, they deserved the Grey Cup win.

I just think you're foolish enough to still think Marcus Brady is a quality QB and were praying he'd get in there.

Anthony Calvillo is far from the reason Montreal lost.

Understand that in the Jets-Bears game yesterday, the ref had the players switch sides no less than THREE times for the opening kickoff...easily the most bizarre thing I've seen re coin flips and kickoff organization since the Steelers-Lions OT debacle a few years ago!

Oski Wee Wee,