Did Bauman catch the ball on the 1 yd line?

At the game, I think they showed only two angles of the 1 yardline catch by Bauman that Austin challenged and the reception was overturned.

Watching it on the replays at the stadium sure looked it was a good catch.

Were there other views on TV that definitely showed it touched the ground first??

Thought someone might have raised the question before now.

It was a biggie!


Yes he did.

It looked like a great catch. Didn't Bauman have a long catch called back last week vs Montreal because of a dumb penalty ?
Definitelh has been a big plus in a season of disappointments.
Go Cats GO

from watching it on tv and the angles they showed, it looked like the ball hit the ground as he was coming down with it.
it was an excellent throw by CP and an amazing effort by Bauman. this kid will be great soon....

If he did he must have caught the ball with his elbows.I had a close vantage point; you could easily see the ball was not in his hands as he hit the ground.The fans in my section immediately expected a review.

I am totally against instant replay for two reasons:

-you can't challenge a missed pass interference call
(remember when Curry was clearly pushed in the back early in the game on a bomb from Printers, but no penalty was called?)

-as far as Bauman's catch is concerned, they call it a catch, then it's challenged, but NONE of the replays conclusively proved that the ball wasn't secure between Bauman's forearms when it hit the ground. Yet they overturn it!

We have been burned a lot more than helped by the instant replay gods this year.

Ball hit the ground on the replay... watched it on the broadcast.

It most certainly did show conculsive proof it wasn't a catch, I have it PVR'D and it showed he made an effort but not a catch, he had it in his arms, his hands weren't on the ball until it hit the truf and bounced into his chest where he tried to sell it as he jumped up with it,
Sorry but this time the call was correct, no catch

Thanks for the replies, folks

I think the burning question would be more in was Bauman's KNEE down BEFORE the ball touched the ground..knowing THAT would make the decision for us!

A knee touching the ground BEFORE A FUMBLE will negate the fumble. But it has nothing to do with catching a pass. A receiver can be on both knees, catch a pass, and it's good.

In this case, he simply never had possession before the ball touched the ground.

Bauman has 3 years to go after this season on his Ti-Cats contract. He will have MANY more chances to make catches like that.

Bauman has so much potential its insane.

You can catch a pass laying down on the turf and it still counts. Remember Brock Ralph's highlight reel catch from 06?

You just know Chris is going to start making catches like that this guy has real talent. He is going to be a standout in this league. Casey to BauMan deadly.

He dove to catch the ball.

While in the air with his arms outstretched
he got a firm hold on the ball between his hands.

Unfortunately, the rules now require
that the receiver then brings the ball
securely against his body.

When he landed he was still stretched out.

The ball was the first point
of contact with the ground
but he held on to it.

He didn't have time to bring the ball
securely against the side of his body.

That's why it was ruled an incompletion.

I have seen catches like that called complete for other teams but not for us on that day.

The ball hit the Turf the call was Correct

It hit the ground. It was a good call by the official.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think he had no control of the ball and that was the final.

No he didn't catch it! I was really hoping the offence would have hurried to the line a snapped the ball.

I love the call though.