Did anyone win a million dollars tonight?

Safeway had a contest for years that if 2 kickoffs were returned for TDs that someone would win a million dollars.. Safeway was sold to Sobey's and I watch alot less CFL now that the games have penalties on every play. Is this contest still happening?
I did not watch the game because I was at work. Did anybody finally win the contest.Or was it cancelled this season?

LOL.. Im lost in a time warp

[url=http://forums.redflagdeals.com/safeway-touchdown-win-ends-25-nov-2012-qc-no-west-n-best-npe-1205037/]http://forums.redflagdeals.com/safeway- ... e-1205037/[/url]

I didn't see the second kick return for a TD, but after the first one, the broadcast did show the name of a Safeway customer who was eligible to win $1mm if another kick was returned for a touchdown.
I can only assume that the woman did in fact win, but I can't confirm.

She didn't win. I believe it has to be 2 kick-offs, not punt returns. Chris Rainey had one kickoff return and one punt return. She needed someone to return a second kick off for a TD which is next to impossible

Thankfully you don't work for lotteries :lol:
One was a punt and that doesn't count !

This year at a Jet Game,which I was lucky enough to be at .Mathew Perrault from the Jets had 4 goals after 2 periods . 5 goals and a lady from Brandon was going to be a millionaire . Perrault had a breakaway in the 3rd period , blue line in . He missed. After the game he said if he had known , he would have beared down and not try a fancy move that failed .

That did occur to me after I posted.
Hey, it's easy to give away other people's money! :lol:

Did anyone win a million dollars Bungle asks ? :wink: Oh !! he means at the football game that he didn't watch last night !!!
gee I gotta start paying more attention in here when Bungle posts one of his thought provoking threads :roll: :lol:


I seem to remember it has happened two or three times over the years.