Did anyone see the sportsnet interview with godfrey

This guy is still after a NFL team for toronto
First of all no Americans could careless about toronto Or Canada for that matter so why would they want to come here there are still plenty of places to put teams in down there
Secondly I would be contacting my MLA about keeping them out to protect our Canadian heritage I for one am enough American already.

simply vote john tory for ontario primer.

If Toronto can land a NFL franchise, more power to them. Debatable it it would ever happen, though. Rogers Centre isn't NFL-ready by league standards re capacity for an expansion team. There may also be hurdles if an existing team is to be moved.

It would challenge the CFL to be sure, but the league have co-existed for decades and the CFL is still standing.

Oski Wee Wee,

Paul Godfrey is trying to destroy a Canadian institution, the CFL.
He should be stripped of his Order of Canada.

NO..not a good move

y not?...the guy is a former CFL commish...hell keep the NFL out, and might support the funding of a new football stadium in hamilton.

atleast he'd be more willing to do that than mcguinty.

If the NFL ever puts a team in Toronto, kiss the CFL as we know it goodbye. It would very quickly kill the Argos, leaving the CFL without it's biggest and most lucrative market. What sponsor is going to pony up big bucks without the country's biggest market as part of the deal? And that would have big consequences for the rest of the league. And is a 7-team league even viable?

I just wish Godfrey would go the way of the dodo bird. Makes me ill every time I see him or hear him.

An Argo-Cat fan

P.S. I would've voted for Tory until his idiotic idea to fund all religious based schools in the province. Can you imagine the size of the bureaucracy to oversee that? And the taxes?

Godfrey is slime numero uno!!
the NFL will go to LA first before anywhere...
and even Mexico before T.O...no worries...just because Buffalo is close to T.O...they will not move to T.O.!(if they do move)

im convinced this idea of his wont go thu anyways, so im not concerned about that.

question: who funds catholic schools currently? the government or churches?

The taxpayers fund the Catholic School system, under the British North America Act. When filling out your municipal taxes, you have the option of sending your education tax dollars towards either the Public or Catholic school boards (IIRC).

From the NFL ..too GODFEY... Too "politics"!?.. :roll:

Here's the link:

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/nfl/20070907_Bills_moving_north_of_the_border_]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/nfl/2007 ... he_border_[/url]

Paul Godrey has this on the brain! This is more of a passion for him than getting the Jays was in 1976! And he managed that!

Now that he has Ted Rogers and MLSEL behind him, this may happen someday! I'm a CFL fanatic but if an NFL team could turn Toronto into less of a Socialist Outpost (and it would) I'd buy season's tickets!!!

By the way, it was PC Premier Bill Davis who opened the religion/school floodgates about 24 years ago...

I'm a Conservative but that was a mega-boner!!!

LMAO at Bay Street, Socialist Outpost.

If they can get rid of the Catholic school boards in Newfoundland and Saskathewan, it can happen here in Ontario. Where do people think the money to fund additional school boards of various religious persuasion will come from? Only two places---higher taxes and/or the public school system.

An Argo-Cat fan

With our currencies getting closer, the chances increase. However, Godfrey still needs a stadium, corporate commitments, and eighty thousand people a game. There would be American customers at each game, but I'm not so sure ex-Bills fans would automatically fall in line.

LYAO?????? Yeah, OK! Oui! Oui!

One street's corporate - one intersection, actually! The rest (and I think there are about 5000) are Socialist!!!

Toronto is THE WORST managed "major" city in North America, period!

I live and work here and it'll never be "world class" until we get rid of the Reds that run it!!!

There won't be additional schools. The kids exist now, they would just be transfering to a school of their choice. Private schools exist now, but they are expensive and usually only the affluent can afford them. There would be less kids in the public schools, but nothing severe.

Well, bandaid salesmen are a b-itch, granted. Barricades would make better sport, what! :smiley:


Sarcasm! What's that? Monty Python? Ahhh!A 'tard's way out of a good verbal dust-up!

Good job, old man!!!

Trudeau kept the Word Football league out of the country in the early 70s. I would like to see some politicians say they would block this to save oyr heritage