Did anyone really expect 16 and 2?

This is a tough one to swallow for sure, but I'm proud of the way they fought back and didn't quit. There were a couple of tough calls that didn't help the cause, but overall they put a scare into a good team on the road and came up short.

I'm worried that Porter looked completely unprepared to play, but maybe the bye week is just what he needs. I think this team can go 10 and 8 and maybe 11 and 7, but I'd settle for 9 and 9 and a home playoff game.

I expected an 8 win season.

We played with these guys tonite and the rest of the season will be interesting to say the least.

it wasn’t the loss but how they lost. They were not prepared and they could not move the ball consistenly either through the air or on the ground and could not convert on second down. They have a lot of work to do and, in my books, are still unproven.

This certainly is a different team than last year. They fought back and made a game of it. I wish they would show up in the first quarter consistently.

8) You're right.

This coming from the very person who capitalized a GREY CUP HERE COME BABY!! post in the GD thread... make up your friggen mind..... geez!!

8) And you took me seriously ?? ....geez !!! :roll:
8) And you took me seriously ?? ....geez !!! :roll:
whether or not I took you seriously is not the issue here... you just have NO clue what emotion you want to run with... do something good..... Grey Cup bound...... do something bad... this team sucks... give it up already. continue to flip flop like the fish you are!

exactly what i kept telling myself after the game.

I was uspet that we lost(hey nobody likes to lose) but i kept thinking to myself that we weren't going to win every game.

I still expect a home playoff game.

Oski Wee Wee,


At this point a road win is a bonus. A team that is dominant at home and wins a few on the road is a good football team, one that can play .500 on the road is a great football team. Hamilton is trying to decide if they are a good or a great football team. I think they are a good team that could become great if Porter and the Canadian talent develops to its full potential.

late this year/ all next year I predict the Cats will be a force in the CFL. Need some contract extensions, 1-2 more FA signing's, and then work on making this team a squad of powerful, experienced playmakers.