Did Anyone Not See the John White Cut Coming ... Including the Stamps?

At this time of year, "you can't keep them all", will be repeated by shocked fans and media members as cuts are made. Indeed, it is a harsh reality that fan favorites will have to move on. The release of John White will shock some Eskie fans, but logically this is the right move for White and the Esks.

Most likely Brock Sunderland has been attempting to trade White all off-season mostly to keep him out of the CFL West. Jason Maas and the Esks coaching staff know what White can do to defenses and if the Calgary Stampeders were to sign White then Labour Day could have a new motivated hero for the Stamps.

The bigger question in the White saga is he 100% healthy. He passed his physical on Saturday, but he has become a “band aid? in some eyes. Most likely this reputation resulted in no takers in trading with the Esks for White. However, some team will take a chance on White if there is no real cost to acquiring him. At this point in time the Stamps have a need for a veteran running back to platoon with Terry Williams who only has 21 carriers in the CFL.

Some have suggested that it was somehow morally wrong for the Esks to wait to release White if they had no intention of keeping him on the roster. However, one can also say that the Esks could have waited until the end of camp to release White and the fact they didn’t shows that did the right thing for the player. We must keep in mind that Sunderland has an obligation to the Esks first and the player second. In fact, the Esks just help prove White’s health and he should have no problem signing with the Stamps or another team.

The Esks have several RB's in camp C.J. Gable, LaDarius Perkins, Korliss Marshall and Shaq Cooper and this has more to do with White's release. All three of the young speed backs are punt returners and White is not. Of the three Shaq Cooper impressed at mini-camp as a punt returner and backup RB. The comment from Sunderland is that Cooper can, “flip the field?. It is good form for the Esks to release White now if he is not in their plans, but if he signs with the Stamps or the Lions this release could come back to haunt them.

Nevertheless, you can’t keep them all.

Just read this morning the following release from the Esks:


Korliss Marshall


LaDarius Perkins
John White

Looks like the Esks are committing to Shaq Cooper early on in camp. Here's what Cooper did in the FCS at Fort Hayes State with his 5' 10" 190 pound frame and 4.57 / 40 speed.

The Esks have their punt returner and backup RB. Who will be the other kick returner? A defensive back in in Chris Edwards or a receiver like Shaq Hill? How about a national in Blair Zerr, Alex Taylor or Chris Amoha?

Esks signed 2016 All-Big Sky Conference Second Team Sacramento State running back Jordan Robinson 5' 11" 195 pounds with a 4.65 / 40 as per Sundy's statement yesterday ... https://www.esks.com/2018/05/21/eskimo-transaction/