Did anyone go to the nov 19th thing?

Did anyone go to that community discussion thing on the 19th? If so, tell us what happened! :slight_smile:

I didn't, though I'd originally planned to. The closer it got to the meeting, the more it sounded like a waste of time.

"It's a chance to share ideas on what you would like to see at Lansdowne Park and also on what should be avoided there. Please note that this is not an official public consultation or decision-making meeting--it's meant as an opportunity to discuss the issues and exchange views, in advance of any formal City-led consultations on the site."

I've heard of all kinds of dumbass ideas thrown about for the area. Some people are treating it like finding a bottle with a genie in it and thinking they can have whatever they want. Someone suggested a skating rink, for example, for when the canal takes too long to freeze in the winter. I've also heard a zoo mentioned. Yeah, because they don't cost anything to maintain.

It got very little coverage in either paper, which I think speaks volumes as to the validity of this thing. When talk began of restoring Frank Clair, the Citizen was all over it. This, they gave all of a paragraph to.

Anyone who wants to have their say, do it the old-fashioned way; write or call to the person speaking on your behalf and let them know how you feel.

The meeting of the Glebe-ites went as expected. They want Landsdowne to be kept in the hands of the City, they don't want a stadium but if there has to be a stadium it would seat 8 to 10,000 people. Some of them are talking about a professional soccer team, since soccer is the fastest growing sport in Canada!! Right now there is one professional soccer team in Canada and they average around 15,000 in their first year.

They want the area grassed over with gardens etc. We really don't need another Park in Ottawa.

Let's hope the city gets on with the
re-development with a new CFL franchise as the cornerstone of it. This area belongs to all of Ottawa not just the Glebe-ites. Landsdowne park was there long before these people moved into that area.

The Glebites are left-wing hippies. They probably would want a hemp clothing outlet also.

The problem right now is that the Glebites are being louder than any other group.

There are going to be two more of these, January 29th and February 26th, 6:30PM in salons A and B of Lansdowne Park. There willl be people speaking in favour of the Hunt proposal, but they need to be supported.

I would recommend very strongly that you attend at least one of them...


I apologize for being blunt, but frankly, complaining about it here doesn't accomplish a damn thing. And it's VERY difficult for the people in council who are in favour of a team here to speak on behalf of that vision without a show of support.

Hopefully I'll get to meet a couple of you there. I'm signing up right now.