Did anyone else see that!?!

What a game!

Sask 34
Winterpeg 31

Can I hear some chanting?

We're not last, we're not last, we're not last...

That's right, tied for last...

All kidding aside, that was a great game.

Spectacular finish!!!

How 'bout them 'Riders!!!!

Everyone's hurt,and they still pull one out!!!!

The Bombers may be tied for last with us but they looked good today.
Congratulations Riders for a hard fought win.

Remember this?

Thu Aug 14: Hamilton 24 Winnipeg 37

Sorry 'bout that. We're in last. We're in last.

But what a great comeback by the Riders. Did you see the adjustments that the receiving corps were making??!!


Hey man, don't rain on my parade. I need something to cheer about. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a fantastic game. Vintage CFL

I wonder if the blue team is second guessing their Bishop decision.

How does Tilman find these guys. Those graet catches were made by 3rd string guys.

An Argo-Cat fan

Man Bishop really pulled that one out. Argos appear to have made a BIG mistake. And did anyone notice Bishop did it with a bunch of rookies replacing their starters. So much for that excuse.

And just think...

We passed on Tillman to get Macel Desjardins!!!

bishop is the real deal, he was up the QEW for 7 seasons, and the ticats instead traded for the wrong backup when they got brady instead of bishop. imagine bishop throwing 70 go routes to prechae? can you dig it?????????????????

That was one fantastic game, just fantastic from an entertainment aspect (probably not fantastic if you are a Bomber fan).

thank you.

Hey... I don't make this stuff up. :frowning:

Bishop is the Real Deal for sure.

Why Hamilton did not hire Tillman I'll never know. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Sorry...no I can't! Because with our front line...he'd be on HIS ass all night.

I saw a lot of rolling out. Even a little play action. I think, providing Bishop didn't follow the OC's calls, he would have done ok. And Printers would have too if he was given a play book that played to his strengths rather than his weaknesses.

I thought I read that we wanted Bishop back in 2004 but Argos were only willing to part with Brady.

He probably didn’t want to come here. Why would anyone?