Did anyone else in the US buy the Wpg-Edm game?

I paid $6.25US for this game and CAN'T LOG IN!

I've created an account and paid for the game earlier tonight and when I tried to login, I keep getting a Login error messoage. :x

I thought maybe I'd forgotten my password (despite the fact that I just created it, tonight :roll: ) so I click on the Forget Password link, and IT'S DEAD! :x

Needless to say, I'm NOT HAPPY. :thdn:

...and being screwed out of $6.25 and a live game!

did you eventually get the game?

Well, kind of, eventually. :?

First I contacted “customer support” and got an email telling me that my login name and password were case sensitive. Fine but the problem was THEY had converted my name & password to all lower case. The way I originally set my name and password was a combination of upper/lower case. Since I was inputting my user name and password as I had originally set it, I was getting the login error message. I’ve never seen anything like that before, a site converting your name and password without informing you then requiring that they be entered in a specific case! If they’re going to convert your login info to all lower case, DON’T MAKE IT CASE SENSITIVE! This isn’t rocket science! :x

Then, I logged out at halftime and couldn’t get back in! I was getting another error message, different from the login error message I’d gotten before. And I never got back in. :x

So, I paid $6.25 for about a quarter of the game. :roll:

This might be the most slipshod run service I’ve ever seen in my life! Is this the way the CFL wants to promote itself in the United States?