Did anyone else in Box E see the TigerVision screen?

Ah it was preseason.

I usually put a concerted effort in to make noise for the defense but I'm ok to give my vocals a bit of a break for preseason.

Lots of noise on Canada Day.. I promise!

Ah it was preseason.

I usually put a concerted effort in to make noise for the defense but I’m ok to give my vocals a bit of a break for preseason.

Lots of noise on Canada Day… I promise!


One what if is not too many for me. I rather like what ifs. What if a frog had wings? It wouldn't bump its arse every time it jumped is my favorite. I also like posts with cleverly disguised insults so needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed yours.

I've got another what if. What if a player on the field gets an emotional lift from seeing 28000 (give or take a few) fans standing and cheering? Would posture matter then?

So what if Stevie Baggs, the 2nd best guy on our D (Double J is our best IMHO) and our emotional leader records a video that they play on the TigerVision screen saying, "Stand up TigerTown". What if they print the words STAND UP on the screen at the same time he's saying it? Are you going to join 2nd and watch from the comfort of your couch before you comply? Too many what ifs for you PiCat?

2nd makes a valid point for why he doesn't stand. If I were him I'd move my seat. I'd say move your seat too, but sounds like neither of you want to stand anyway, and both of you agree it's not necessary so why bother.

From today's article on ticats.ca about Simmons taking over at OT due to Johnson's injury:

Spending his collegiate career as a Sooner and regularly playing in front of huge sold out stadiums, Simmons makes no bones about how knowledgeable and loud the TigerTown fans can be.

“I’m used to playing around fans that are really passionate about the game. To be honest with you, I know some people find this hard to believe, but this felt like a 85,000-seat stadium in the pre-season,? Simmons explained. “The fans are so loud and they’re very into the game.

So he found it loud when he was on the field, and he liked that? Maybe there is a good side to noise on offence, getting the players pumped (as suggested by a1exander). Depends on the situation, I guess.

Funny you say this, because Majordawg (my american friend) and his wife, who are Georgia Bulldogs season ticket holders mentioned their stadium holds 93000 and he said we were quite loud, especially for a preseason game.

Hell, i didnt even have my horn that game.

Yesterdays game in Montreal the anouncer says 1,2,3, MAKE SOME NOOOOISE !! every play when Montreal is on defence.
The crowd is loud and at the end of the game is was even louder and effected B.C. offence.

In Hamiton, the announcer should do something like this because our fans need to be spoon fed.

Yesterdays game in Montreal the anouncer says 1,2,3, MAKE SOME NOOOOISE !! almost every play when Montreal is on defence.
The crowd is loud and at the end of the game is was even louder and effected B.C. offence.

In Hamiton, the announcer should do something like this because our fans need to be spoon fed.

Well, here we go again.

Clearly Rey Williams and Stevie Baggs said "Stand up and make some noise."

Is there anyone that wishes to dispute this fact? Is there anyone that wants to continue to argue that the players motioning with their hands does not mean stand up? Football is interactive entertainment. There is a reason the Defence wants you to STAND and cheer. If you do not want to be part of it, watch at home. If you want to be part of it but can't because you cannot stand for whatever reason, buy seats in the first row or get on the waiting list for handicap seats. I am not trying to be insensitive, though I'm sure many of you will see it that way and vilify me or label me a self absorbed malcontent.

Box E is the dead zone. If anyone else besides me and possibly Makevelli are making noise, I can't hear you. Complaining about my horn doesn't count as noise.

So as some of you may know from my previous posts, I bought horns and cowbells for my new neighbors in Box E to hand out before the game. I also brought a mysterious Riders hat give away at the game. This was planned before I won the Citizen Of The Game award so I didn't know I wouldn't be sitting with them this game.

Once I learned of my prize, I gave my regular seats to a young couple I know in their early 20's who have never been to a game. I gave them a crash course in Football 101 including proper etiquette, explaining to them never leave your seat during the play or make noise if we have the ball. I brought them to the tailgate, gave them their tickets and told them I'd meet them in their seats at the end of the first quarter when I intended to give the neighbors their horns and bells. I wanted to give my neighbors their horns before the game, but was asked by staff to stay in my temp seat the whole first quarter.

So the first quarter ends and I quickly find my friends. I sit down and greet my neighbors. The younger couple that sit to the right of me are there, the two ladies in front of my are there as well, but one of the husbands, (who sit to the right of their wives) is missing. I say hi to everyone, my friends included.

Then I tap the lady who sits in front of me. The one who "good naturedly" teased me about my horn last week while her husband asked where I got it. I pull a cowbell out of my bag and offer it to her. That's the moment I knew my days in Box E are numbered. Or hers were. She wasn't gonna like what else was in my bag.

She declined my gift. Initially I thought she was just being polite. I explained to her I get these things for next to nothing and I insist she accept. She turned to me and said, and I quote, "I don't want it because I was very upset by your horn last week and I don't want you to think it's ok." I explained I also brought one for her friend. Her friend quickly chimed in. "I can't accept".

First my feelings were hurt. Where I was raised, when someone gives you a gift you are gracious and accepting of it no matter how useful (in this case, useless) it was to you.

My feelings of hurt and embarrassment were quickly replaced by anger. I thought to myself, "Are you kidding me. Standing isn't the issue here. Once again it's noise. The horn I bought at the TigerTown store is too loud?" I resolved in that moment to blow my horn louder than it's ever been blown. She isn't going to enjoy the game sitting anywhere near me if noise is her complaint.

After an awkward moment of silence I moved to the isle and gave the lovely couple beside me their horns, which they accepted as graciously as they could given what they had just witnessed. They were both accepting of my gift, and their heartfelt thanks were as much appreciated as needed at the time. Then I gave a horn to the husband who was present, and had also been witness to all this. I explained to him that even if he doesn't want to use it I understand but would appreciate it if he accept. I just wanted to spite his wife so bad I pressured him to take it. He accepted and quietly apologized for what had just happened. "No need", I said, "I apologize in advance for next game, where your wife will hear just how loud this horn can get. I am going to blow this thing like my life depends on it, I promise you. I then returned to my temp seat.

I have already discussed moving our seats to Box J near the boys with Tammy. She has agreed. But we are going to wait until after next game. I have a promise to keep first.

To be continued....

Yeah i've had the same problems a few times as well except with the 12 dollar football shaped horn.I've had people telling me to stop using it, i've had them send security down and they always ask where I got it and they hardly believe that I got it at the Tigertown store.I mean really people.I'd expect this at the Rogers centre but not in Hamilton.As Alex has said, if you want to watch the game quietly, don't buy a ticket and stay home.I'm not going to give up my right to cheer and have fun because you feel like being a major tool.

I have a serious problem in my section it seems the people that complain get special treatment. The Canada Day Game some called the Ticats and complained then last game vs Sask. Security and Police were everywhere. One guy got his flag taken away for no reason. I think the Tiger-Cats have to educate the fans about being loud on defence and that is helps our team.

It clearly shows that being loud on defence disrupts the other teams offence. It is very simple, but some people don't get it !!

The $12 dollar football horn is the one I speak of. It's called the 9-1-1 Horn is shaped like a football and bears the TiCat logo. It is called the 9-1-1 Horn for a reason. :wink:

They sell it there for a reason. :wink:

I guess you gonna have to move to Box J with me.

I wanted to help my team. Instead I alienated my neighbors.

When I brought majordawg and his wife to the STH preseason game, they asked why we don't stand on D. I thought about my Three Jerks and A Squirt thread and shrugged my shoulders. Looked behind me for kids and cripples then stood up on D. So did they. What was the score that game?

Everytime I blow my horn loud and the D makes a stop or intercepts, I feel like it Me. It was my horn. I did that. Does anyone else?

From Box E I'm certain it was.


Is there anyone left that wants to argue with me about what I clearly saw and heard? Stand up they said. Right there on the screen. In case you weren’t watching the screen, Rey was screaming stand up. Anyone else hear it?

I was already standing. You see, I’m an educated football fan. Now just before I did, I thought of all the crippled folk, little kids, fat women and elderly citizens behind me. You know, the ones who can barely stand. I thought of all the “what ifs”.
Then I stood up. A few seconds later the TigerVision screen directed everyone else to. I’m slightly ahead of the curve I guess. Story of my life.

Standing and cheering on Defence is ordinary behaviour at a stadium. I defy you to tell me differently.

Label me a malcontent if you must. We can argue about this in person next year if you want. I’m easy to find. I’ll be the only guy standing in Box E whenever our D takes the field. Hopefully not for long, I am getting old.

"the crippled folk, fat women" You could be a bit more selective in your vocabulary. No one's questioning your enthusiasm but really alexander, a little sensitivity please :roll:

On a similar note, the drumline was told to move by security after some fans complained about them being in their section. A fan said, "I didn't spend $100 bucks for these tickets to have you banging on those drums right behind me". The drumline only plays when the opposition's offense is on the field ( you know, when the fans are told to make noise).

Nope you're right. the team most definitely does encourage fans to block the view of those behind them.
I was wrong.
Cripples and fatties got no rights attending and expecting other fans to use their heads and not use a promotional video as an excuse to act like an ass anyway.

The ones making the videos though really should consult security, they claim if a fan wont sit down when asked or when intentionally blocking the view of others it's that fan that will be asked to leave, not the ones asking him/her to sit.
Everyone stands up when the game gets exciting, only a very special few think they should remain standing for the entire time the defence is on the field, that's generally half the game.
It's an old debate, and one that's so far never been won by the guy wanting to stand up for ridiculous lengths of time. Eventually the fan causing the trouble goes, all the while claiming how he's in the right. This has all been played out over and over, it just seems new to you because you're new.
No one, not you, not me or even Bob himself will stand up the entire time our D is on the field and prevent others from watching the game, it's an ignorant thing to do and even 'the video screen told me to' won't keep you in the stands when the people behind you complain.

They should not be saying "stand" on the video screen. Any games I go to, I can make just as much noise sitting as standing, and those behind me can still see the game. It would be much better to take a lesson from Montreal, where they just say, " Make some Noise!!"

8) One of the most intelligent posts of the year :thup:
 Congratulations !!