Did anyone else in Box E see the TigerVision screen?

Shakespeare said stand up and make noise. Only a few of us did.

This can of worms is open again.

He actually said stand. So I did. Every time our D took the field. Did you?

Defence wins Championships.

When we are on D i feel like thats my turn. I blow my horn. Especially loud if the play s near me. I heckle. Especially if the huddle is near me, long before we take the line. I make a difference on the field. Im the 13th Man. And I stand every time we take the line. Every time no matter how far away the play is. Every time they ASK me to stand on TigerVision.

Football 101

So YOU were the one that caused the too many men in the huddle penalty. :smiley: :wink:

Too many men in the NO huddle,you mean. That no huddle offence was great to watch for pre season play. Marcel wasn't pleased with that call.

Oskee wee wee

Illegal Substitution can be called even if there isn’t a huddle. From this year’s rule book:

[b]RULE 1 – CONDUCT OF THE GAME SECTION 11 – TEAM PERSONNEL Article 4 – Substitution Procedure[/b] A team that permits more than 12 players to participate in its huddle [b][i]or formation[/i][/b] before the ball is snapped shall be subject to a penalty for illegal substitution. The side officials (Head Linesman and Line Judge) shall monitor the team bench on their sides of the field and, when the ball becomes dead, shall observe that Sideline for possible substitutions. When Team A breaks the huddle, [b][i]or if no huddle, and the Referee declares the ball in play[/i][/b], the side officials shall turn away from the Sidelines and raise their arms to shoulder level. (“Raising the gates.?) Further substitution shall not be permitted.
[Added emphasis by me] This was in last year's rulle book as well.

He may have been mad at the call, but he should have been mad at the player who didn’t get off quickly enough. Anybody remember who it was?

Pretty sure it was Darcy Brown

You would think after all these years that people would know when to shout and cheer or boo. Seems that we need "people upstairs" to tell us when and when not to.........................I remember years ago when you went to a Ticat game there was no electronic scoreboard, no replays, no piped in music or piped in crowd noise, the PA announcer had a grave business like voice that NEVER told the fans how long the pass or run was, never said who caught the ball it was just "1st down or 3rd down etc". We all new ourselves what was happening on the field, no distractions except for the overdressed cheerleaders.

Maybe we can cut some slack for our fellow fans. I think that there have been a lot of new people in the stadium over the last three years who have never followed football closely or who have never been to a game. Let's give credit to the Ticats' marketing team, which has done a fabulous job getting people out even when the team has not been particularly exciting to watch.

But ... it's always worth remembering that the CFL lost a generation of fans during the 1980s and 1990s when games were not televised, or when the packaging paled in comparison to the NFL. Among my friends, who are in their 30s and 40s, very few follow the CFL with more than passing interest and a party for the Grey Cup. At the preseason game, I was surrounded by four children, six or seven teenagers and at least two university students who had never been to a CFL game before. These new fans may be willing to come out, but many need (and want) to learn the stadium culture. They're not going to learn that from high school football games (at least, not my old school - AHVS) or by watching games on TV. So let's not jump on them for not knowing. Let's welcome folks around us. I usually bring a bag a of cheap noisemakers from the dollar store to give to everyone in my section.

I think the Tigervision videos help a lot to encourage that enthusiasm. Otis Floyd's was great! It would be good to have a similar video to ask for quiet during offensive series. Maybe we have one? Did Kevin Glenn do one last year?

A lot of fans think that a player making upwards motions with their arms means to stand up, not real likely for the team to suggest blocking other fans views when they can't meet the demand for handicapped seating.
It means make noise.
We have very limited seating for people with special needs and anyone intentionally blocking other peoples enjoyment should be permanently removed from the Stadium. I'm not sure what video it is that the op claims tells fans to stand up but if that's true then I'll start watching from the comfort of my couch before I make someone else's day crappy. Behind me is two men that cant stand without great effort, behind them children, that if they stand up they still wont see past me if I am.
Standing is for brief moments of excitement not for the entire time the D is on the field.
No one makes more noise while standing, in fact it probably silences those behind you.

Agree HA191 and yes 2nd, brief moments is all good.

I am in a wheelchair with my mother & for most of the 4th Quarter people were standing at the railng talking to the players & the event staff did very little to get them to move so we could see.

Excellent post. Yes KG did one last year.

The one #55 does this year is great because not only does he say stand up, the words STAND UP werely clearly on the screen. Am I the only one who saw this? Is my sight and hearing failing me?

We have discussed this before 2nd, and I completely agree with you. If standing is going to cause the people behind you to miss the game because they have difficulty or cannot stand, then I wouldn't stand. It's just courteous. You said it before quite well, I don't want to be the reason someone didn't enjoy the game.

I can assure you though, that when the players are motioning with their hands, it means stand up. Thanks to Stevie Baggs and the TigerVision screen I now have proof.

In sports like hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer, chants from the crowd can be helpful at times and disruptive at others, but rarely if ever do they actually contribute to the success or failure of the athlete on the ice, diamond or court. Outside of the occasional free throw in basketball, the game is pretty much free flowing.

However, in football, where communication in the process of play calling on offence is so important to the success or failure of the play, an enthusiastic crowd can actually influence the outcome of a game.
from tsn

I'm sorry to hear this. Along with a Football 101 we also need a Fan Etiquette for those people who move from their seats during a play or stand in front of children, the elderly or handicapped and obscure their view. I have a friend who is 6 months pregnant and when she got on the bus the other day it was full. Noone offered her their seat. The world is full of these types of people sadly.

I'm surprised event staff didn't ask them to move. Did you text fan services?

In a pre-season game, I think it's a good thing that calls are made like that, especially concerning new rules. The refs did the players and the Ticat coaches a favour going forward. It is a harmless way to educate all the players on these rules so that these little gaffs don't happen when it really counts. And thanks to the post I quoted, us fans just learned something new (or at least I did) 8)

We told the event staff but the people still wouldn't move so we just gave up

What if the person behind you is able-bodied enough to stand, but the person behind him/her is not? Or the person behind the person behind the person behind you, etc.?

Last year at the playoff game, I was stood up at one point. Then the guy behind me put his hand on my shoulder. I guess he didn't quite have the strength to stand up on his own for very long, but was able to if he could use me to support himself. But supposing he couldn't, I would've sat down. Then the person in front of me would've had to sit down or else I wouldn't be able to see, then that person wouldn't have been able to see, so the person in front of him/her would have to sit down, and so on.

Wow. That sure is alot of "what ifs".

I suppose in that case everybody should just sit on their hands. Seems like IWS is full of people who cannot stand for one reason or another.

It sure is at lot of ifs. But it's possible, and I was nearly in that situation myself. Even though the person behind you is able to stand, the person behind them might not be able to. Are you going to stand and obstruct the able-bodied person behind you if they're being courteous to the one behind them who might not be able to stand up? (that's only one "if". I hope it's not too much for you.) I appreciate your enthusiasm for supporting the team, but it's not sufficient to consider only the person immediately behind you unless there's nobody behind that person.

Besides, it's the noise that helps the D, not our posture.