Did anybody else just see that?

After the missed field goal attempt and subsequent safety conceded by Ottawa the refs placed the ball at the 40 instead of the 35 for the RBs offense. :lol:

guess ya have to know the rules

It was the right call outside the 35 yard line when it is missed, the ball goes to the point of the missed field goal.

Really? Is that new this season? I don't know how I haven't noticed this was the case earlier.

It has been a rule for a while, from memory.

I'm am literally shocked right now. I knew this was an NFL rule (minus the single point) but I have always thought that a single point conceded regardless of how it happened resulted in the ball being placed on the 35. I watch almost every game and have been a season ticket holder for over 10 years. How have I never once noticed this? :?

Not exactly
In the CFL If the kick is missed from outside the 35 the ball is placed at the LOS
In the NFL if the kick is missed from outside the 20 it is placed at the spot of the kick(LOS + 7 yards)

Think the rule was introduced in the late 70's when kickers started to get real good from longer distances and they wanted to discourage longer attempts by making the result from missed FG's more painful.

And the point would have been a rouge, not a safety.

I never cared for the rule because maybe I'm one of the few who finds a 50 plus yard field goal exciting, They should be encouraging kickers to go for it at 60 plus yards. Go for the record, see history being made, old time football, Dave Cutler, Tom Dempsey.

In the CFL, with the deeper end zone, there is a great chance for a long return off a long field goal so an argument can be made that should be “penalty” enough.

I don't know how anyone could say this isn't exciting and shouldn't be part of the game.


Ignore the first 30 seconds and if you don't want the whole story go to 2:50 or 3:08. I know it's the NFL but I'm just making a point, it's pretty exciting.

Wow... Anyone have a rule book they can mail this guy?

2013 CFL Rule Book