Did any people here by stamps or order postcards?

Did any one buy CFL stamps at your local post office and / or order any thing CFL on line??? :smiley:

I pre-ordered on-line , a couple of CFL team [your teams GREY CUP , classic] post cards and 5 / 100th Ann. Grey Cup stamps on 10.

I also picked up the post offices catalog [with the G.C. , on the cover] and 5 full team sets of stamps. :thup:

Did any one else buy something / ordered something?

I bought the Day of Issue Set of stamps. :smiley:

[url=http://www.canadapost.ca/shop/cfl/100-sup-th-sup-grey-cup-game/p-401361144.jsf?execution=e1s1]http://www.canadapost.ca/shop/cfl/100-s ... ution=e1s1[/url]

This is one cheap way to help promote the CFL and to let the post office know that people care about the CFL.
When I went to my local post office all of the stamps for CFL teams , ect... were sold out :thup:
You can also get their stamp catalog there and it has the GREY CUP on it's cover. :cowboy:

I can't wait for a coin. Platinum would be awesome but even a loony would be fun.

I bought 5 of the 100th Anniversary of SASK. loonies. :smiley:
Those sold out.

A coin would be excellent. Stamps and coins fully make the CFL part of Canadian history. :thup:
Buying them proves that there is interest in CFL stuff like that.

Got me a couple of sets of stamps yesterday. Postman guy showed me a new set coming out Aug 16 that he couldn’t sell me yet so there apparently are more to come.

Picked up several books of stamps last week, mine have 8 stamps in a book, one for each team

I bought a roll of stamps and a ti-cat mailbox stamp holder with it.

Do they come in stickers? I hate licking.

The rolls are self-adhesive. No licking required.