Did any Hamilton station broadcast Tiger-Cat games prior to 1961?

NBC telecast Big Four football games and the Grey Cup on Saturday afternoons in 1954. But did CHCH-TV telecast any Hamilton Tiger-Cat games in addition to the CBC network telecasts of occasional Big Four games which began in 1954?

And how about radio broadcasts? In what year did local broadcasts of Hamilton Tigers, Wildcats or Tiger-Cats games begin? I believe that national radio broadcasts sponsored by the British-American Oil Company began in 1961.


CHML began broad casting HTC in 1950. Though no doubt there was radio coverage of Tigers and Wildcats in some form prior.

CHCH never broadcast CFL.

CHCH has always had a weird relationship with Tiger Cats, never really embraced them, probably because there was no money in it if CBC and CTV had the whole pie.

CHML started broadcasting the newly-named Hamilton Tiger-Cats games in 1951. Norm Marshall did the play by play. At one point many years later CHAM carried Tiger-Cats games. Perc Allen took over doing the play by play of Tiger-Cat games games on CHML in the 1980’s.

I think CHAM was originally called CJJD. If I recall Vince Scott had an after game phone-in show brilliantly called “The Point After”. That was around 1980 or 1981.

Didn’t CKOC briefly hold the TiCat radio rights ? Is that when Bob Bratina first did Cat games ? As usual, I have more questions than answers.

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

Not until the TSN/Bell Media buy out in 2014.

Perc Allen was doing games in the '60’s on CHML.

Norm Marshall was the original voice of the Cats on CHML until 1966. Did it again for CJJD/CHAM in early 80s.

CJJD only broadcast one season of Ticat football before the name change to CHAM in the late 70’s. Former Argo announcer John Badham was the play-by-play announcer for that one season on CJJD.

Perc Allens broadcasts in the 80s were a struggle. Would call Keith Baker Art Baker who hadnt been in the league for 20 years.
Looking back it was probably the onset of dementia/ Alzheimers.

  1. Perc was broadcasting TiCats games years before the 80’s !!

He actually started doing them in 1967 on CHML !!

Whats not generally known is that Perc Allen actually started TC broadcasts for CHML in the late 60s

I, also, thought CKOC might have held the rights for a season, or two, but can’t find anything to confirm that. A couple of interesting memories, though, came back through a quick online search – In 1957, Perc Allen was the Sports Director at CKOC and TiCat halfback Hal Waggoner was the disc jockey, on air 4-6 p.m., in the football off-season.

CKOC never did HTC football until the TSN/Bell Media buy out.

I believe in the late '80s, CHCH did broadcast CFL games as part of the Canadian Football Network.

The CFN was a group of independent stations that air CFL produced games when CTV stopped showing games. Dave Hodge was one of the on screen people as I recall.

Nice recall. Hodge, Bob Irving and Neil Lumsden did those games. …but they werent CHCH productions.

CKOC did broadcast games for a couple of years in late 50s

Right. Jason Roberts and Franklyn Cooper did the play by play. Scott “Hollywood” Henderson did sidelines.

Ummmm, no they didn’t. Like 'Dork said, not until the buyout in 2014.

I remember his voice as a kid. Enjoyed the way he called games. (Side note, Brattina called a season or two for the Argos in the early 80’s).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60zT8Y3uGho