did the american cfl teams have a all american roster or did they have canadian players too because the import rule is illegal in the states....i was wondering if the baltimore team feature a all american roster?

all american...no restrictions.

Baltimore for sure was all-American, but I think there was a handfull of non-imports on some of the other teams. The American teams did not have to abide by the import/non-import rules though.

did you think that was fair?i dont because the hand tie the canadian based teams....i think if the cfl ever decided to expand outside of canada again the import rule would be scrapped....that wasnt fair too the canadian teams to have watch the rosters compared to usa based teams

still only one American team was any good that I can remember (Baltimore) and that was because of their coach who was one of the best the CFL ever had. The rest sucked (with the exception possibly of San Antonio in 95). So really, having no Canadians on the team didn't do much of anything to bring up the talent level.

You are so right. That is why I am against USA expansion, until the Labour Laws change (Which they wont)

Baltimore was the only US based team that was any good but they were not much better than the Flutie led Stampeders ( both finished 15-3 in '95 even though Baltimore beat them in the Cup ) and they squeaked by Wpg in the '94 East Final and lost the Cup that year to BC. The problem for the other US teams wasn't players it was coaching. Baltimore was the only team that had a CFL coach. All the others had only coached for the most part in the US and knew little about the Canadian game.

The only advantage of an All-American roster is their backups were probably better trained than the Canadian backups in Canada. Due to the depth of their lineup, they had little dropoff if a starter got injured. But Canadian teams often suffer when an American goes down. Not that a Canadian is not as skilled, they often just haven't received the high level of coaching and competition you receive in the NCAA, and require a couple years of seasoning in the pros to develop.

You mean when a Canadian goes down.

You do know that an all-American team (Baltimore) lost the Grey Cup to a team half-filled with Canadians (BC), right? They came back and won it the next year, but that's because they were a very good team, with one of the greatest coaches in CFL history, not because there was an unfair advantage.

...the american expansion teams did not have to have a canadian ratio as has been stated....but roughly 1/3 of their squads were unregistered mexicans....

With very few exceptions, all players need a couple of years in the pros to develop. Some never do live up to their potential, even if they were high accomplished NCAA players.

Player scouting really is a science. There are defined systems in place to pretty much completely define a player before he ever gets to the pros. It doesn't matter if he's NCAA or CIS. The pros know who will make it as a pro player and who will not. There are surprises of course, but not many. Their level of training is really only one variable in a long list.

IMO, American expansion proved one thing...that just because they're Americans does not make them automatically better than Canadians. If just being American trained makes one a better player, the American teams would have killed the Canadian teams.

The Baltimore stallions had the best, by far and away looking chearleders though. They were at a few away from home games. I seen them in Regina at a game. Looked just like the dallas chearleading team. I was young then and very impressed.

....luscious....oh so luscious.....mmmmmm......