Did all members receive the Ticat Survey today?

Hey all, I got an email from the Ticats to take a survey since I had purchased some tickets this year.

Just wanted to say it is a good survey with options to express what you truly think they need to work on.

There is also a text box where you can talk about one thing they need to work on.

I also note areas where they ask what affects the decision to attend games - they include parking/stadium issues. Apparently they also have concerns on the stadium(obviously)

Just a heads up to check emails, and do it before Oct. 20 :wink:

They pretend they care just befor season renew time ....Let's make the fans feel good so they open the wallet yet another time .....Suckers ...Survey that gets viewed by a computer program no staff reall reads this crap ....Its bogus Marketing at its best ...The survey was conducted on the field and how many people cheer over the boooo's you tell me how were doing ...Not good right now .

I don't care, I love the Ticat's enough to keep dishing out the cash year after year. Just wish for once they'd send some love back with a winning season :roll:

Whatever. What do you think they have a suggestions forum for?? We complained on here about the team not being announced player by player and they changed that.

They solicit feedback all the time and they implement what they can. It is NOT the fault of the front office staff that we are struggling. They do a top-notch job.

I want to take the survey. There is one thing that absolutely drives me crazy about the gameday experience and I'd love to let them know. :lol:

I was so excited about this until I remembered the game is on Halloween. I definitely would've gone, but I spend every Halloween decorating with my mom, and then handing out candy, and the earliest I'd be back is 6:30. I'd be cutting it kind of close.

Oh well, I guess it's the thought that counts. I still did the survey.

One thing I noticed they were missing was a Comments section at the end. They asked a lot of questions about tickets and being a season ticket holder. Unfortunately, being a season ticket holder wouldn't be worth it to me since I live in London, and I can't drive. I added that in the box asking what they need to improve since there wasn't a Comments section.

Received it and took the survey and gave them my honest opinions.