Dickinson in for Burris

Not sure if this is old or not, but I saw on TSN hashmarks a couple days ago that said that Hufnagel may put Dickinson in because of Burris' play lately.

As a Rider fan it pains me to say this but I thought Burris played a pretty good game last week.

Just wanted to know if this was old news or something that might be happening this week.

...the rumour on the radio yesterday was that DD was very close to coming in during the 4th Quarter last Saturday until Burris and his receivers finally got on the same page and started producing...I don't think DD will start Thursday, but I believe that if Henry has a bad first quarter we could see Dave in before halftime....

Thanks for the clarification.

How do you Stamp fans feel about Dickinson coming in for Burris?

Well, I'm an Eskie fan, but here's my 2 cents. I thought Huff should have put DD in at the end of the game, just to see if he could move the chains. But then Burris started producing... a little. But I don't think Huff should start DD this week. So far Burris has only had one bad game (at least, I can only think of one), so I don't think it's time to put DD in just yet.

Geez, looking at the game I can't see what Dickenson could have done differently. Dropped balls are dropped balls. The problem was the receivers, not the quarterback.

Exactly BigU, Henry played well enough for them to get the win, he just had no help whatsoever.

Your assuming the Burris had a bad game? The point is it was not Burris that was dropping perfectly thrown passes. How many times did the ball hit guys in the hands for them to drop it. It was not Burris having a bad game I would have to say the majority of the receivers had a bad game.

Agreed, I didn't think Burris did all that bad - especially compared to what he has played like in the past. Defence, dropped balls and penalties were the problems I saw from last week. Maybe throw in DD to shake up the team, but from what I've seen, Burris is playing fine.

That's what I was thinking, Kev. You can't blame it solely on Burris. But usually when a team struggles, the QB gets the blame.

I am new but not sure why a rider fan would post this in the Stampeder area. I could see this happening if the problem was in fact Burris. But really all those passes were hitting the hands of the receivers. So why was this posted again?

I think Burris has been playing really well. But being a Dickenson fan from Hamilton, I would love to see Dave in some games.