Dickie Harris!!

What are the Alouette's waiting for to retire his jersey , that guy deserves it big time

While I agree, you could Wade, Ed George, and a few more of that era, heck even the ordinary superstar could be considerred, he changed the game so much.

Well, he spend 10 years with the Als, 8 time all-star, two cups, 38 interceptions for 631 yards which is a team record .
That sounds pretty good to me

Not to mention Dickie Harris and Randy Rhino running back kicks.
Now THAT was some excitement!
Thx for the memories.

Wade was good in the playoff but in over all a ordinairy QB.

3 GC enough said, you could add 1975 if not the missed FG. The guy was gamer come GC time, a reverse AC if you like