Dickerson to start at FB?

is julian hurt or is kory impressing...?? anybody know. dickerson is scratched in there as the starter infron of lumsden for tn's game


i hope not Julian played great last week

Their probably opening with a TE formation....
No FB needed
I dont know why they dont list Kori as TE
Hes not a WR
and hes definitly not a FB

they'll both be used tonight to pound the ball down oshea's big yap. i think you may see alot of kory lined as of 2 te's like a jumbo offence to control whatever argos have in their 3-4 defence.
key is to get a lot of 2nd and 5 or 6's then we'll have more options (eg play action). we don't wanna be in a 2nd and long tonite or it'll be a long night

we don't want stubler to know what the hell kory is lol

julian is fine
He will play
He is just not Starting

They don't call it a Tight End because this is not the NFL :slight_smile:

I might be way off base, but, the Canadian starters that are named on the game day roster must start and play at that position.

The players association does monitor this.

For example say we started Shaw at Safety and after the first play decided to bench him, we would have to replace him with a non-import. If Shaw became injured we could replace him with an Import.

I'm guessing because of this we are starting Dickerson at FB so we have the option of putting either play in the FB position. If Julian started as the FB he would have to play any down in which we lined up a FB in formation. Starting Kori at FB allows us to line up with anybody at the FB spot.

That's my take on it for what it's worth.

good point
plus it disguises corey holmes,who i think will be used as a scatback running back and receiver too and any other import or fifth receiver

Not true.
Shaw can be replaced on the field by anyone except:
-one of the 3 designated imports, or
-a quarterback.

The only substitution restrictions are:
-a designated import can play all special teams, but can only enter the game on offence or defence if another import goes out.
-quarterbacks can only play quarterback, or special teams. you can't have 2 quarterbacks on offence at the same time.

what game did you watch?

the 1 in calgary, julian did awsome, he dropped 1 pass that he cudnt see cuz of the sun, the ball was too high, its kinda hard, besides that 1 screw up he played wicked. so what game did uuuu watch buddy

yea besides that incompletion he played great and he at the big catch and run on our first offensive play of the game

so i will say it just like blitz did

so wat game did u watch corbin?

the one where we got killed and radlein didnt do much

Except what he was asked to do, run block very well

well corbin,

blitz and argoconvert and i seem to know that radlein played well

yea run block well i wouldnt let him block for me hes overated under achieved and thats it dickerson is gunna be a lot better because he was a TE in college at USC so hes got better hands and when your 6'4 240 u can plow guys down so if dickerson has a good game today say goodbye to your precious radlein

I hope Dickerson plays better than Radlien because frankly as an American in a traditionally Canadian role he’d better or its a roster mistake

unless kori gets some great stats ( and i mean GREAT ) we will still be seeing radlein every week

and if dickerson does play amazing we will probably still see radlein in black gold every week

Yes, thats the nonimport/import ratio at work. Good Canadians are hard to find and when you do find one he plays even if an American is a little better