Dickerson and Wayne Released

So says Bubba on the 6 o'clock sports.

Who replaces them? Their is no one on the Practice Roster to the best of my knowledge.

A patchwork defense heading to Montreal against a divisional rival that we need to beat to stay close.

I'm not saying that these can't be replaced but what gives on a short week?

I guess O'Neil Wilson will be happy.

Have heard through the grapevine that Roger Dunbrack was looking to come back and play for someone. He was one of the more consistent players on d line last year so maybe…

From an outsiders standpoint, KD seemed like a really popular guy on the team. I wonder if he will catch on with another team or is his CFL days over? And if he does play somewhere, will he play offence or defence?



Dumb move. Dickerson was improving and I thought Wayne was solid in the middle.

They are no longer listed on the roster.

Hey Deis..
Am I missing something..why would Wilson be happy??

I think Dickerson was released because he mentioned on OTR we would get 11 WINS this year!.. :lol:


Great talker in practice. Unfortunately not enough of talent to stay on the roster. Wayne was off and on - from the Ottawa Renegades. We need to younger and faster and most importantly - smarter. I trust there is some bodies to replace these guys?

could this be another one of those things where they are just bumped down to the practice roster for a few games?

uh oh!!!!! the "guys we lose with now should be the guys we lose with all season" crowd will not be happy with this one.........


So Reid to replace Wayne i guess?

Patrick, Reid, Lewis, Loescher until Adams comes back from his injury.

If Dunbrack is coming back thats even more interesting.

I thought we had better pressure last game than against Calgary though.

Adams will be back this week, at a much needed time.

we also have Anthony playing end

I'd have to look at the game again but he didn't seem to be doing much better than Keith. Hopefully it was just because it was his first game and that next game we will see what he can really do.

And the door keeps revolving - thought this wasn't going to happen this year. :roll:

To be honest I really didn't see this coming, we had pretty good pressure for most of the game, and we also had somewhere in the area of 3-4 pass knockdowns from the dline, I think i would have played the same lineup next game.

How many sacks did Dickerson and Wayne have?

That’s your answer as to why they were released.

I strongly object to Dunbrack coming back. Hopefully Creehan has Rahim Abdullah or Ron Warner on his radar instead.

I like Abdullah but lots of fans think he is trouble!?