Dickenson's Post Game Comments

Anyone have any thoughts about Dickenson's post game comments after the Hamilton game. At half time Wally said that Dickenson was holding the ball too long...a comment he made in a previous game as well.

When asked about Wally's comment about holding the ball too long Dickensen said, on CBC, right after the game....."I don't care what Wally says! I will take the coaching. However I'm a veteran and I think I know how to play this game"

Without making too much of it....it was not the poise one would expect of Dickenson. Wally will probably put it off as just some emotion after a hard fought game but I'm sure he was aware of the comment and not pleased.

I was surprised by Dickenson's comment. Anyone else feel the same way??

well that isnt exactly as he said it but close enough, I think DD was speaking gods honest truth and he is right! holding on to the ball too long? Sounds like a excuse for the oline if i ever heard it. he is a cagey vet and he knows how to run HIS offence.

good point, however, i am tired of watchin him get sacked. if he cant make up his freakin mind where hes goin to put the ball, how many sacks are we up to know fellow leo fans?? 25, 26ish? i think we are the worse team for sacks against. its kinda frustratin to watch, and i think number 12 is gettin a lil cocky, i was at a local pub in calgary watchin the game while Green surrounded me couldnt hear a thing. but i think its time for wally to show 12 that he needs to get off his high horse, and let number 1 play one or two games. hmm let me think who killed calgary 2 of 3 meets last year??? go with the better qb and the one who isnt on his high horse. i cant stand cocky qbs, and if anything i agree with what number 1 said after grey cup last year...

Boy oh boy Lionsfan12, you may want to look a little deeper into things. You say that you are sick of DD being cocky in his comments yet you admit to not hearing them. While I do think he tends to hold on to the football more than most I would place most of the blame on a sub-par o-line. By the way look at how many sacks CP had last year - lots. And while we're talking about cocky QB's you may want to take a gander at CP's own website. Its the most pretentious website I've ever seen. I think that Wally has been making these comments about DD Holding the ball too long in order to deflect the blame from a struggling o-line. It's funny, he's made these comments twice at half times and twice now he's apologized for it after viewing the film. Oh and 1 last thing - CP was knocked out of at least 2 of the Calgary games last year - I think he may be safer on the bench this week.

wait a min, im sick of dd, i like him i SAID dont get me wrong, however, its frustratin to watch him get sacked time and time again,

While the offensive line has been at falut at times there have been other times when the line has provided more than the three seconds needed to get a play off and Dickenson has been sacked because he hasn't found the outlet valve. Other times he has been sacked because he felt pressure and left early...he's wanted to run more this year to prove he can also get first downs with his legs I believe.

We're winning with Dickenson so I have no major complaints. It will be interesting to compare the results when Printers has a chance to get in some game time. I still like Printers as the starting quarterback but having Dickenson is still a blessing.

i fully agree blitz, and he does run, but he needs to start runnin sooner and run away from the opp, i know that he can run, and he has shown it time and time again, i still say thanks to the De line, mostly the secondary is why we are winnin the nail bitters, THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS and MY VIew of it.

I've been trying to find Casey Printers website. Can anyone help?

I agree with you Lions Fan 12.....its been the defence that has carried the Lions to their first four wins. I was excited when the Leos got Ritchie as defensive coordinator in the off-season. I knew he would bring a new aggressive attitude to the defence and a lot of different schemes. He's been successful using the 3-4 defence in the past and has a lot of different packages to use all the Leos defensive personell. The Leos are also using the 4-3 at times as well. The key to Ritchie's defence is having quality, fast defensive backs in case the blitz is picked up or the quarterback finds time. Phillips and Miles make the defence better than last year and Floyd and Kidd are flourishing with more opportunties to blitz. Wilson and Nautyn Loescher have also added more pressure up front . I'm still waiting for Ferrara to have a big game. Calgary will be an interesting test this Friday.

your an idiot. grab a clue. you don’t even know what your saying. you said let me think who killed them 2 out of 3 times? well you obviously didnt think too much.
Casey got knocked out of the first game in Calgary that BC won in OT. He LOST the second game vs Calgary and then they won the 3rd game by 2 19-17 when the refs missed the on-side drop kick for a TD.
Nice Try.

something like www.casey-printers.com

should be able to google it. it’s a good laugh on how he calls himself The One, or some crap like that.

something like www.casey-printers.com

should be able to google it. it’s a good laugh on how he calls himself The One, or some crap like that.

Casey got knocked out of the first game in Calgary that BC won in OT. He LOST the second game vs Calgary and then they won the 3rd game by 2 19-17 when the refs missed the on-side drop kick for a TD.
Nice Try.
hey dumbass where do i live, i was at the game, and i know he got injured durin the game, i saw it 5 feet away from me. but still he had a good game, it wasnt the best of nights for him,... and i thought bc won in octobers game. so that would make it 2 of 3. and hey as everyone says a WIN IS A WIN. so even though we won in ot we still one. and that rookie only played for a few minutes in the 4th and not much field time in the OT,

HOWEVER like i also said. i FIND THAT IT IS THE DEFENSE WINNING GAMES FOR US, to be savin the QBS BUTTS, THIS IS HOW I FEEL, forget the facts, and the numbers. you want to go by numbers then sure wayne is a great hockey player. you want to go by opinon Mario is 10 times the player, meaning that who cares about who the vet is. either way they are goin to get sacked. or throw interceptions. its part of the game. one thing that bc has that a most the cfl has is a dang Defense. and thats what is keepin us in the Ws. i just hope once printers is 100% he will be playing. i DO LIKE DICKENSON, but its time for a change. and sometimes a change is good. and sometimes not at all, i have opinons ass, with an opinon theres error, if you dont like what i say. too bad, but i can be just as blunt and i can say rude things too, if i dont have my facts straight cry me a river. but you can correct me, i am still a little vauge cause the Calgary Herald dont print much about the leos, and when i do learn something, i dont get the full story, i cant stand stamp fans for a reason, cuz they think they know it all, i havent said i know it all, i just have an opinon on the topic. didnt think i wasnt allowed to have a view.

I was a little surprised to hear him say that about Wally’s comment but I am not worried, the Lions are going to be fine. Grey cup here we come!
Everyone is right about the o-line but they have been getting better every game and they will continue to get better.
The Lions offense are so good that they can afford to make a few mistakes.
Roar Lions Roar!! :smiley:

I have a serious problem with his (DD's) statement. Yah, he was poised. But that doesnt mean he was RIGHT. My friend and I are REALLY into the game, and she told me about some comments that Carl (Kidd) made post game, about how yah, they are winning, but its small, kind of pathetic losses- he pointed out how when Casey played, they won by better margins, and it was BETTER looking football... Hes right- they could really be winning, and when Dave takes this long to hold the ball, hes hurting the line, and they have been injured enough, and whether or not Dave or Casey is 'better' isnt really the issue- i think a greater issue is the issue of team moral. Casey Printers' Lions are a better playing, more empassioned group. Dave Dickinsons' Lione are none of those things. Cameron (Legault) (I think it was Cameron) mentioned in an issue of the Province after a game that they played like 'schoolgirls' or something to that effect. Who are we to argue with the boys that have to play with him?The more games I see this season, the more dissappointed I become. I watch every game, under the dome, and the football looks clumsy.

Boo-hoo, your winning but not by enough.. there is no such thing as Casey Printers lions, they are DD lions. Maybe he holds onto the ball too long but only in perscpective to your o-line, maybe the o-line can only give him two seconds in the pocket and he needs 3. Dave gets sacked at least every drive it seems, i don't think your o-line can pass block, plain and simple, wally blames his 4-0 veteran qb for this, and DD is thinking.. Im 4-0 this year, best passer rating, near the top in most offensive catagories... and your saying im at fault? If Wally's lions were losing games, then by all means blame DD for it, but the fact is they arent, i have no doubt they will be at the top with my Esks, with DD leading the way. Its funny how no one EVER brought this up before Wally said he held on to the ball too long, did all those DD haters just need a "excuse" from Wally? This is coming from a Esks fan! i dont like see'ing awesome veteran players get beat up on by people who are jumping on the what wally said bandwagon.

you knowyour right, HOWEVER, i do believe in the if it aint broke dont fix it policy, whats broke is the offence, if they cant hold the wall at the line. somethins got to be done, now i dont know what the numbers are for completed passes that DD has made this season,... i use to coach hockey, and i use to goaltend, and i see it the same way, if you are getting beat somethin needs to change. either the qb needs to watch from the sidelines and see whats going on, or start talkin to CP and hear what he thinks, those two should be workin together. to bring Lions offence performace up a few notches, if they are then what they are doin needs improvement. i am lookin forward to see what happens friday night, i hope that the o line has improved since saturday night, and that DD can let the ball go sooner than these past 2 games, or make the decision sooner to run the ball, cuz im sure we all know and he has proved it over the past 3 games that he can run the ball more than 5 yards.


Seriously, im not jumping on a bandwagon… ive been into football for about oh… two years, and ever since I saw dave make an attempt to throw a ball to one of ouroreceivers and a Saskatchewan palyer caught it instead, and we lost the game, i was staunchly a not DD fan. I will admit there are some holes int he O line, but I think there is a reason why DD is getting sacked, and CP didnt get sacked as much. If you want to hodl to the ‘if it aint broke, dont fix it mantra’, then you are accepting sub par football that isnt the boys doing their best, liek they should, but simply showign up and goign throught he motions, and no fan wants to see that. furthermore, I think that you shoudl be careful about blatanlty saying we needed Coach’s permission before we said anything- dont mistake the fans for the press. The press cant seem to get enough of dave, but the more DD plays, the more the fans under the dome shouts “Ca- seeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy”… you can say that there is no CP’s lions, but I think that the more I see DD play, the more I want to see CP, and if he has great passer numbers, its cause ppl like Simon and Claremont and Jackson are running their BUTTS off. Im nto sayign Casey is Perfect. But I CAN say that I think the chemistry between him and this lions team is resulting in a differnt type of win than the chemistry between DD and the players.

I've been in football for 13 years now, i now play university ball for uofa, and there is one thing i know, winning brings chemistry, what you see is quite different from the locker room, there was no issue last year with the o-line, how do you know they are just going through the motions?. Did you think he held on to the ball too long before wally said that? no one mentioned it on cfl.ca, dont you find it funny everyone is critizing him for this now since the comments were made not before? I cant believe you said it was sub par football, they are 4-0, what is sub par about that? You seen dave throw one interception and you decided he is no good? please, all qb's make bad throws. i didnt say anything about wally giving you permission, im saying you guys are only repeating what he said, you didnt think this before he said that? did you?.

Good gravy…

All I wanna know is…what does everyone expect from DD? 112.4 eff, 74.4 completion %, over 1000 yards, only 3 picks…4-0 start…I guess that’s not good enough for some Lions fans, but it’s certainly good enough for me. Could the offence be better? Of course! Should we be scoring more points? Sure! Should Santa come 3 times a year instead of just Christmas? Damn straight!

But fact is, in the famous words of Chief Running Boards; DD playing good, team winning, football fun.

I’m a HUGE Printers fan, but any discussion about him is irrelevant at the moment. And whether or not CP gets sacked less or can run faster, or eat more hot dogs, or shuck corn in under 3.1 seconds is a mute point.

Let’s be happy, people.