Dickensons days in B.C. numbered?

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Buono is facing a crucial decision down the road and this one might determine how the Lions finish this season. Right now, Dave Dickenson is the second-best quarterback on this team. That's been apparent for about a month now and the point was reinforced again on Sunday.

"I really didn't have a good rhythm going," Dickenson admitted. "But the score was 10-10. I'm not sure what [Buono's] thinking was on that."

Dickenson has been a great quarterback in this league and you won't meet a finer gentleman in sports. But this is about something else. Buck Pierce gives the Lions the best chance to win and he should be playing.

This space was originally slated for an item lauding Wally Buono and the good work he's done with the B.C. Lions this season. His personnel decisions have all worked out beautifully for the team and he has the franchise playing their best football since the Don Matthews teams of the mid-'80s.

Does one boneheaded decision change that? Hard to say. It's a given that Buono's decision to punt for a single point in Regina on Sunday -- on first freaking down????? -- was indefensible, but it shouldn't alter the course of this Lions' season. They're still the best team in the CFL. They still have the best record. If losing a game in overtime sends them in a downward spiral, then they weren't good enough to begin with.

I thought I heard the commentators saying that they thought Dickenson might not be fully clear up in the head, and therefore wasn't reading the defences as well as he normally would. 'twould explain his struggles, compared to Pierce's touchdown drive with 90-odd seconds left.

When he's healthy, he's almost priceless. When he's injured, which has been far too often for the last 3 seasons, the backup QB ussually steps up and performs well. At the end of last season, I was anticipating a Dickenson trade while keeping Printers, and neither came true. If BC trades Dickenson now, he'd worth very little because of the injury-prone factor.

I think Don Mathews would trade nelon green for him :roll:

Man, this is looking like a reply of last season, almost.

Still don't think **** is a better QB than DD.

I don't care what happens, as long as we don't have a replay of last year where the QB's were fighting with each other and dividing the team.

Buck Pierce is your man, there is no way Wally and the braintrust will decide on keeping Dickenson next season, a trade for his rights will net a very good player...unless he retires..

So the Lions lost to the better team on Sun. I still believe the Lions are a better team than last year. It still took the Riders OT to beat the Lions even as horrible as the offense played.

Riders get full credit for their 3 wins against the Lions and the Lions have to find a way to beat the Riders

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There wasn't supposed to be a raging quarterback controversy with the B.C. Lions after Casey Printers fled to the National Football League in the off-season, leaving Dave Dickenson clearly No. 1.

But, even though they've won seven of their past eight games, the Lions have another wrangle brewing, after Dickenson was yanked on Sunday for backup Buck Pierce when the Canadian Football League game was on the line in Regina.

Pierce got the tying touchdown late in regulation time before B.C.'s winning streak ended in overtime, 23-20 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Head coach Wally Buono stressed yesterday that Dickenson will be the starter-- not Pierce -- on the road on Saturday against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, with Pierce holding the clipboard on the sideline.

Buono feels strongly that it's easier for a quarterback, especially an inexperienced one such as 24-year-old Pierce, to come off the bench.

Buono reasons it's much tougher to be consistent as a starter, which is why he leans toward 33-year-old Dickenson, even though he had an off-day in Saskatchewan.

Swashbuckling Pierce threw two touchdown passes against the Riders. The second was seven yards to slotback Jason Clermont with 31 seconds left in the second half to force overtime.

Some B.C. fans calling open-line sports shows in Vancouver opined that Pierce should be promoted to starting status. Buono didn't agree. He just knew that on Sunday, it was time for a change.

"Dave just couldn't get away from the rush," Buono said. "We weren't helping ourselves and we just needed to do something.

"When I feel [Dickenson] is not able to get the job done, or I think he is now confused . . . so we made the change."

Pierce has been one of B.C.'s most productive players, especially when Dickenson was out earlier in the season with an ankle injury. Pierce completed six of nine passes against the Roughriders for 62 yards. Neither quarterback was intercepted.

The Lions are 4-3 against Western Division teams and 5-1 against the East, with two games remaining against Hamilton and one with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Typical Globe and Mail, distort the facts.

Did you know that Pierce and Dickenson car pool to all the practices?

Did you know that Pierce has been quoted both on CKNW 980 and Team 1040, that he understands his back up role and is enjoying learning from a pro like Dickenson.

There is no contraversy, each knows their place.

But don't be surprised after the season if Dickenson does get moved and Pierce is our starter. Dickenson has ties to Calgary, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up there!

why would calgary want MR.Glass when they have smiling hank?

I know, but weirder things have happened, heck Calgary has McManus now.

The only reason I don't think Dickenson would end up in Cowtown is that he'd still want to be the starter, and short of a career-ending injury to Burris, he's the number one dude here.

I would think that Dickenson goes somewhere where they need a starter, still seems that TO would be the most likely place to me.

Keep Dickenson and trade Pierce!!!

someone is looking to pick up a good backup for there team eh? :lol:

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Give you a strong offense.


the buck stops in BC eh? :lol:

Buck Pierce is the future.

Both Pierce and Dickenson laughed at the media, because a few radio guys were trying to start a QB Contraversy.

what if bucky pierce has to save the day again and again for the remainder of the lions season?...and even the playoffs?

Then I guess they'll win the Grey Cup.. if last year's Eskimos are any example.