It would really be nice if Dave could just get first downs instead of the home run ball. I'm not sure who called that throw into double cover but man we were driving the ball well, please just get some nice drives together next time!! :twisted:

DD has been pissing me off for some time, and those turnovers tonight just emphasized what his problems are. Under heavy pressure, he just seems to take too many chances.

I'm tired, gotta think about this a bit more...

I think Dickenson should be coaching not playing!!!! He's going to get hurt out there. lol How about some new blood! :lol:

usually he takes the sack rather than throw into double coverage, last night is a bad example.

and taking a sack is better? The problem is he seems to be more interested in his stats than in the game. On those tight plays, why the hell doesn't he throw the ball away? At least then we don't get these huge losses, going from 1st & 10 to 2 & 25.

Why not throw it out of bounds where it is safer???