Actually, no. I would have preferred to see Printers stay here and DD go, simply because he is fragile and has never completed a season.

But, since we have Dave, he is the best QB in the league right now, and Buck isn't quite ready to go yet. So, one more year with DD, and if we're lucky, turn him into the QB coach in 08, with Buck as our starter.

Currently, losing DD is a bad idea, especially to a division rival...and he has worked his butt off, and shown a lot of heart.

If nothing else, you do need to respect him.

how many games has DD missed total in the '04, '05, and '06 seasons?

and he still gets paid $400K per year...THAT is a joke!

But Drummer, he negotiated those dollars in good faith; that he will be healthy all season… I’m sure he doesn’t plan to get injured.

Anyways, hwgill sums up my feelings too, one more year of DD, bring in Buck, and DD can be our QB coach!

True ... but DD is still under is initial 4 year $1.7 mm deal

There is no need to spend further coin on this guy. He may eventually be a coach ... all the more reason to trade him to Calgary

He likes Alta ... so does his wife and brother

The Ranch" would love him

BC Place would jamm up with fans wanting to see the little shrimp chased around and sacked ....

He's beootchy, brittle and boring