yup....i wouldn't advise Dave to pull a cell phone out on the sidelines....he could get a wrong no. ...... :lol:

You can be pretty sure Dawna won't be pulling a Kerry Joseph ... and cutting his salary for the team

Let alone throwing $15K into Rob Murphy's salary

Just 'bite the freakin bullet Wally' ... and trade his ass outta town. You would only be 14 months late


Dawna is not offering a pay cut like Kerry Joseph ... instead ....

Dickenson is 'whining' out here ... askin for a guarantee .... and yet sayin he'd love to stay in BC

Man ... he must think we are dense

The guy has "Alberta" written all over him

Trade his ass Wally .... don't blow another "asset" like you did with Caseymania and Barrin

Interestingly, I just found something on Red Deer Buccaneer's website (AFL) - Apparently they just signed Dave Dickenson!! So he did end up in Alberta .. just not in the city people speculated ...




Dickenson can pay red "Deer in the Lights" before taking his next sack

Still no deal between Arena league and CFL .... which is stalling ... "QB musical chairs" in our CFL

Once again, in BC you don't need sense... just an opinion.

DD, is damaged goods, his future could be in broadcasting , or coaching? hate to see him get "RagDolled "again

I really cant see why they dont sign him, I mean all he did was lead the Lions to a GC victory. What more do you want out of him?

Ah Sambo, sometimes you can’t keep everyone happy.

I’m happy…LOL Play him this year and he can be a coach next year, or the long shot would be that he ends up in Calgary with his brother.

Well there's the loyalty of BC fans. The guy wins you a freaking Grey Cup and you crap all over him 4 months later. If they let Dickenson go i think it will really come around and bite the Lions in the ass.

Hey 3rd down! I will trade you #4 Kerry Joseph for Your #12 Dave Dickenson. What do you say?

You should say the loyalty of the BC "FAN" not "FANS" . He does not speak for a lot of other BC fans and certainly not for me. I'd like to see him post his garbage on Lionbackers.com , he'd be run out in minutes with his stupidity. There just aren't many BC fans here that's all.

No thanks and 3rd down has no say in it either.

Been there, done that :slight_smile:

...and with 'your predicted results' :thup:

It just seemed a lot of people were agreeing with him on this. It's bogus.

Geez, I'd be THRILLED to have Dickenson over Burris. I love how that guy plays. It sucks that he's got a glass shoulder/head, but talk about guts. He's the epitomy of hard working. He's got tons of heart. And he's not whining (how is asking for a guarantee whining?!?)

As for Ray vs Dickenson, BC beat Edmonton the last two times they played, and also made it to the playoffs. One game does not make a career. Just because Dickenson didn't throw a TD in the Grey Cup game doesn't mean he played a bad game, nor does it mean he's a useless QB. Who was the guy to get the ball into FG range every time?

Wally didn't screw up on either of those issues. Bith Simpson & Printers were causing disruption in the lockerroom. Printers had no desire to play here again, otherwise he would have taken the $1.2 million that he was offered.

Simpson was being selfish, and just didn't fit with the team dynamic anymore...just like Warren, Simpson needed to be cut.

Big surprise...

DD won us the cup, worked his a$$ off all season to bring home a winning team. The guy deserves a guarantee, he's paid his dues.

You like Dickenson ... fair enough, I understand that.

I am just the opposite

If Buono gives him a guarantee .... not only would he be wasting $ he will also likely blow another asset

...if Ottawa comes back in 2008 and drafts Dave

Trade Dickenson now .... hopefully to Calgary

BC Place would be packed watchin "Dawna in red and white'