Sign and trade the "whiner" to Calgary

He'd look great in the Ranch's "red and white"

...and would pack BC Place when he returns to get .... "rag-dolled"


I dont see that 1 happenign... lol

LOL … well I dream alot … or in the case of Dawna Dickenson … have nightmares :slight_smile:

Better still would be to trade him to Trawna

I’d love to see Gumby … beat him out

Either way … get the “whiner” outta BC :thup:

I would take Dave hands down for the Argos.
When healthy, he is the best QB in the league.

i'd say Ricky Ray is better than dickenson....and he's ALWAYS healthy!

I don’t know, with the game on the line and with a minute to go or so, DD would be my pick to drive for a win.

i recall the '05 grey cup, Ricky Ray, 3rd and 25, and montreal 1 min away from the win, throws a completion, leading to a TD, then hits the 2 point conversion....then nails a TD pass in overtime....

how many TD passes did dickenson have in the '06 grey cup?....ZERO

Ricky Ray > Dave Dickenson

I don't know, when Dave is healthy and 100% he's pretty tough to stop.

We need him here one more year to groom Buck..... Then he can be our QB Coach!

If the Als secondary had any sort of “hands” … DD woulda thrown 2 INTs in Grey Cup q1

Plus … Ireland saved his Dawna’s ass … on the quick whistle fumble

Dickenson as Grey Cup MVP … was a total joke

Sporty I do not disagree with you very often but on this one I do. I think Buck is almost ready to take over and if you trade Dickenson well he has some worth it just might be the right thing to do. As his agent stated he has a few years left in the tank. To me he is saying sign him long term or he will test the market out after next year. Bouno could get a much needed player or depth plus some draft choices. So some tough decisions to make ahead.

I would love to see DD 10 or 11 times at Mcmahon. He is prone to injury, primarily because he plays Qb with a linebacker mentality and leaves it all on the field. DD doesn't know the meaning of hook slide, he's my kind of Qb.

Good points Red, But with Daves health always being in question year after year ( Didn't he also have a series of knee injuries when he played with the Stamps?) it might be a gamble for any team to try and sign him long term.

Dickenson was on the radio the other day and he sure handled the questions with class. He said he would honour his contract in its final year if they couldn't work out an extension.

The other interesting rumour floating around here is if Burris doesn't meet the expectations this year, Dickenson could end up back in Calgary with his brother who coaches there (Special teams?) for 2008.

That's what I wanna see ... but this year .. not next

Dickenson's attitude and style ... fits with "the Ranch"

...plus he would pack the Dome ... when arrivin in "red and white"

DD ..... for Henry and a 2nd rounder

If Super Dave doesnt change his break neck style of play soon, his days in the league are numbered. But if he does, he can play another 5 years easy.

You are too funny Ritch. Only you would want to "rag-doll" dawna... the guy who won you a grey cup!!

Meh ... he was on our Cup winning team .... and standing on the sidelines when we scored .... ALL our points

He should thanks McCallum, Ireland and the Monteal dropsy-DBs ....

...then get outta Vanny ... and back to Dodge, Alta or Dodge, Montana

Dont forget Edwards goal line fumble, if they had punched that in......

..Wally won't let his favourite qb. go anywhere...although he might pull a Rita (pay for play)...that could get the concussion guy a little stirred up....then i think DD is off to the centre of the universe...not cowtown, a division rival...


McCallum shudda been MVP .... and Javi - Top Canuck

Instead the media and Lion loonies .... go fawn'n over Dawna

:thdn: :thdn:

Wally does not really have 'faves' ... he does have 'dog houses' tho ... and so far DD has avoided it

So far ....