Dickenson wants out if Printers stays

Welcome to Wally ball. This is the reason I enjoyed the fact he moved on. Again this is not the first time Wally (Teflon man) has done this. Man ex players ahve stated that Wally the coach is not a bad guy but Wally the GM is a jerk. Yes he is a hard nosed negotiator but when Wally the coach says hey Dave you played great Hall of Fame material and then Wally the GM comes in and says hey you know you have done nothing to warrant being the starter you see how a player can say what Dave has said. Dave is not a cry baby he just wants the GM and Coach to be on the same page. Again Pitts went through the same thing. He came back to Calgary for his number being retired only because Wally was not there. Yes, BC welcome to Wally Ball!

Lions do have Buck though right? so they still are in somewhat good shape.

The problem I see in BC is Wally does not see how bad an OC he has on his team. This guy was bad and has no imagination when it comes ot offensive game plans. Wally resigned in Calgary because Ftroop also seen this and wanted him out. Wally is successful when he surrounds himself with good cordinators. One George Cortez was the Stampeders in the 90’s. As long as Wally hangs onto this guy BC Lions will be unstable in offense.

agreed, BC should have went balls out to keep Steve Burrato

Steve Buratto left because of the lack of respect and relationship with, yes Wally B. The very same issues which has now come to the front by this way too long ongoing QB controversy. Even with the years in Calgary the same knock on WB was his inability to communicate and deal with his own players and coaches. I blame no one but Wally with the QB controversy and certainly neither of the two QB's. The bigger problem may be if Casey signs in the No Fun League, by default DD will not be a happy camper. Regardless, my money would be to keep DD.

Kris you are correct Burratto is a better coach.

If the lions wouldn't want to give a QB to the Riders, why in the hell would the Riders want to rip apart the best o-line in the league and give them some??
It goes both ways. Sometimes you just make a trade to better your team, regardless if it helps the other team out too.

what???...i wasnt commenting on the 3 way trade..u said leave ottawa outta it...i was sayin i dont see BC trading DD to sask. for the reason i stated earlier....obviously that means BC wouldnt get anyone from sask.

As per my post, it would appear Ottawa is out of the picturing as having signed Kerry Joseph.