Dickenson wants out if Printers stays

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That's for sure! Big troubles in BC if they lose Printers to the NFL. Can you spell Wally's head on a platter?

W-A-L-L-Y’-S H-E-A-D O-N A P-L-A-T-T-E-R (whew that was tough)

Anyways this is not surprising in the least. Two starting calibre QB’s who shouldn’t have to watch from the sidelines.

now whos the cry baby in BC???

...D.D.....sounds ticked.off...his comment about Wally keeping everybody in the dark. and then doing what he pleases.....will not sit well with Buono.....look for a big change in the QB..situation in lotus land...if Casey signs for big bucks with the Lions.......look for Dickenson TO BE MOVED SHORTLY THEREAFTER... :arrow:

who wants DD tho?....wont get as much for DD in a trade as they would Printers....that concussion lowered his trade value ( along with his millions of other injuries ).

The Lions are F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D !!!

now if only the same thing would happen in Edmonton so they could miss the playoffs finally in 30 FREACKEN SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DD would look good in a Blue Bomber jersey....or maybe a Roughrider Jersey, to a lesser extent....

i dont want to see him in the east.


ottawa's o-line couldnt help DD...he's suffer carrer ending injuries in his first game with the renegades.

Three way trade with Ottawa, Sask, and B.C. that would send Dickenson to the Gades, Joseph to the Riders, and a few o-lineman and some draft picks to the Lions.

that would be huge

As much as I can understand all players want to play, I can hardly think of any other job where people would request to be moved if they don't work enough.

Shall my boss tell me "Dude, we're bringing in a younger guy to do exactly your job, but we want you to hang around just in case that other guy gets injured. We'll pay you your full salary just to be here.", I'd say "Hmmm... uh... ok."

Its really too bad. DD is the best thing that BC has going. If I've said it once, I have said it a thousand times, JUST GIVE HIM AN O LINE!
Casey is nothing but a cry baby (who will unfortunaltey get his way) Sorry to see DD go, and I will always be a huge DD fan.

Hmmm…Not bad…

Hmmm…Not bad…

Actually Saskargo has a good angle. Printers to Toronto for a few O-linemen.

If it was about 5 years in the future, Halifax might be able to take one off their backs. As long as they had won the Commonwealth Games.

In that proposed trade I would say Sask would get the short end of the stick. I would rather get Dickenson then Joseph any day. Leave Ottawa out of it, and just do the straight up thing with BC.

but would BC send a quality QB to a division rival, such as saskatchewan???...imagine the egg on wallys face if they meet in the playoffs and DD has the game of his life to eliminate BC and send his new Rider team into the Grey Cup game....

i think wally would rather send either of the 2 QB's to the east where they would be less likely to burn him on a big stage.....much like the eskimos did by sending Maas to the east.

i would still prefer DD stay in the west, tho.