Dickenson vs. Printers

Both QB's have had success at different times, both have undeniable qualities and downside.

Casey, 04 league MVP (most deserved) has sputtered this season and one important quality needed in most sport that has been missing at times in his game IMO is steadyness and being under control.

While energy and enthusiasm is a prerequisite to success, it can also be the enemy if allowed to boil over as it has on occassion in his past few appearances.

Dancing out of the tunnel in the player intros for the last game, and who da man style celebrations early on when the Lions were meeting with some success is energy more profitably held in obeyance for his on field performances.

Many times when people have a tendency to get that "high" there's often a butterfly effect as when things don't work/go wrong/wheels leave the wagon they tend to get proportionatly as low, as was apparent when he was struggling than eventually pulled in favor of DD.

Speaking of DD...an unqualified success as QB, never won a Grey Cup game in which he was the starter (I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong) and while he was on fire to start the season, the point totals fell off sometime before the run met with it's demise in Edmonchuk.

Early on he tended to eat the ball rather than ground it when defences were storming him, this now seems to be resolved to some degree. That said he has shown he hasn't been able to demonstrate his elusiveness, and the past game was scarry to watch him on the bottom of the heap on four occassions (first time in after a concussion).

In DD's favor is his calm demeanor through success and adversity, and while Printers has the guns I like Dickenson for his leadership style.

In the interest of having readers stay awake...while there's more that can be discussed on the topic, my tenency is to go with DD to start, and unlike some here who believe he should go to the bitter end...that was tried last yrs. GC game and with all due respect to WB who "IS" the coach I still believe it was a mistake to effectively leave his QB twisting in the wind on that day.

An addendum:

Casey Printers living in denial: ...."Our skill guys didn't make enough plays tonight and their skill guys did."

Casey Printers understates a poor personal performance...and more denial:... We just came up a little short," said quarterback Casey Printers, who finished the night """13 of 25 for 133 yards and one interception""".

Accountability 101: Until you know you have a problem there won’t be any problem to fix. BJ

Know what? I'll take Printers to start the West Final. Simply because of the energy he'll bring. Last game he was terrible in his reads. He went downfield time and time again forcing the deep ball. This time around I think he'll be coached to make the shorter reads (um look at the big 8 and 2 crossing in front of you! It's a huge target! No? Look! a 3 and 4 just came out of the backfield and it's closer!)

Versus Edmonton, accuracy and patience is a plus, and I think with Casey's 'attack' mentality, honed in on the 5-15 range for the first part of the game, he'll be just as effective as Dave.

And although Casey did seem ineffective for the first half last game, the Leos were up at the half! Our D was holding the fort. Taking Casey from the second half killed the momentum. Putting him back in gave the mo' to the Greenies.

His mobility will tire out our O-line, but Esks D-line will be worse from running after the short yardage dump and runs. Then let the track meet begin.

And if not, I would much rather have an impatient Dickenson come off the sidelines, not for just for a few series, but, to finish the game (and don't be the post-halftime show: Human Turf Eater! Look he holds the ball longer than 5 steamboats!), than a grumpy, huffy Printers, who keeps muttering about 'always being the bridesmaid,' to close out.

And if Dave starts, all the better, because then I'd start Casey at Tailback. Imagine the play action options! Imagine the wishbone with Jumbo Package! Imagine Macioca and staff cross-eyed and crying! Imagine the chaos! What fun!

Hate to rain on your parade but they couldn't put two QB's on the field at one time. I think there is a rule that there can only be one QB on the field and he must be in a position to receive a snap. (ro1313 you're the rules expert...help me out here). Great idea, sounds like fun, but I think it would be illegal.

Sorry, I was just letting my mouth take a braincrap, Sportsmen.

It's just I remember in 89 or 90 when Dunigan played for us. He and backup QB Ricky Foggie were on the field at the same time. Foggie was whining about playing time, so for the game they lined him up as a reciever, still wearing 14 (eligible number).

Then on one play they're all in the backfield, both Dunigan and Foggie were scramblers and I believe we had Tony Parker back there too (Millington-type back). Interesting, no?

But, I don't remember what happened on the play (damn my brain :x ) But I think after that year Foggie went to Edmonton.

Well, we can file this debate away. Sounds like Printers will sign on in the NFL so it Looks like Dickenson and Buck Pierce.

I don't mind that at all. Pierce will be a good backup and I liked the way he played in his fill in roll this year.

While we're talking BC QB's, does anyone know what number Andre Ware wore during his 1996 tenure with the Lions? Was it 11? thanx, BS95F

Ok so what we know is DD wants to be #1, Casey is trying his luck to impress teams in the NFL, and we have Buck as backup, plus JJ as well. Casey says the first priority is to sign with the lions... well no matter what happens the lions should still be in good shape, I am sure Wally and Obbie have some plans in the works for next year to beef things up.


I've renewed mine as well and even added an extra seat so now I have 5 seats.

I am sorry but after his coments today on the Team 1040--- IT'S TIME FOR CASEY TO GO. He is a baby and probably a cancer in the dressing room. Every second word out of his mouth was I, I, I. For Casey to be p*ssed off about starting the Edmonton game, when Dave had back spasms, and he wasn't told until the last minute, get over it Casey. As a back-up you have got to be prepared to go in at a moments notice. BYE BYE Casey, have a nice time holding a clipboard in the N.F.L. Casey is a baby whereas, Dave is always classy. Casey is nothing but a whiner.

Him and terrel Owens would make a nice pair.....Maybe the Gliebermans will take both.

Dickensonrules, just to add to your comments;

Excerpt from a previous post:
"2) Sports writers and broadcasters, people close to the game and with a greater depth of knowledge than most of us here appear to enjoy, oft times have spoken of the struggles Casey endured in his backup roll this past season. He was certainly no Jason Maas in his personal management of his relegation to #2.

  1. Casey's performance (I may have the wrong game but believe it was the halftime with Edmonton in town) as he sat outside the dressing room comiserating, crying, or seeking almighty intervention while "his" team were gatherd inside in a hog wallow of misery, was not only unacceptable it was a cop out. These guys were looking for leadership, strength of character to pick up their spirits and super charge them for the second half only to have Casey simply selfishly abdicate. Believe Wally...or somebody had to re-call CP to join in with the rest of his team."

IFFFF CP finds himself kissing up to Wally while hoping to land himself a # one role, it will take a newly calibratred attitude to regain his former winning ways should he land the job.

He's immature with a "me" vs. "team" first mindset, and his meltdowns (likely occuring more often than we know) make him a caustic addition to the mix.

Have never believed that it's a good thing to hang onto a "high maintenance project" and their time consuming antics at the expense of a group capable of good synergy. Coaches who prostitute themselves into denial while actually believing the prima dona will take them to the promissed land at the expense of others will ultimatly find themselves heading up another loser somewhere, or looking for handouts at some soup kitchen...probably a high end soup kitchen...right?

Do the Lion's take the leap of faith hoping against hope the kid will grow up in short order?...
......that is IFFFF Casey comes knocking....

The soap opera continues. Trouble is Wally has "ticked" off both Quarterbacks. Who do you take now?

I'm really disappointed in the way Wally has handled this. I thought he was smarter than that.