Dickenson to SSK - Maas to Hamilton

Printers proved his worth last night. After nine months of inactivity, he came in and competed with the top team in the league and played well. He was a bit rusty, but extremely clutch.

The Riders need a QB because Greene is fading fast and Hamilton still needs a long term star. My suggestion would be to send Dickenson to the Riders as he would bring that team to a new and higher level and Maas would bring Hamilton a fresh start and solid future.

The deals probably won't happen because they make too much sense.

I don't care if we get Printers, Dickenson, Maas - makes no difference to me. The fact is that Greene isn't playing as well as people had hoped, and he either needs to have a fire lit under his tail or hold a clipboard for a while. I'd take Dickenson, but who would BC want in the exchange? I don't know that they're severely lacking in any department.

No way, no how.

Printers played pretty poorly, but had a good 15 minutes of plays, 3 of which were all reciever.

He did, however, play well for not being in a game for almost 9 months, and the BC defense stole the show last night vs Edmonton.

Dickenson is the man, and there is no way either QB in BC is getting out of town before this years Grey Cup.

Next year is another story, but with 75% completions, DD ain't going no where.

Keep dreaming

Not going to happen.

If you are a team like Edmonton or BC and are lucky enough to have two proven starters at the QB position, you keep them both then laugh at everyone else.

Precisely - I've mentioned it in another thread. Neither BC nor Edmonton are stupid enough to trade a proven QB to one of their enemies - especially to a team in their own division! We Rider fans can have pipe dreams, though - can't we? :smiley:

BC is lacking help on the offensive line. Why do you think that BOTH of their QB’s are always out injured? Edmonton pounded Printers all night and the same thing happened to Dickenson against Toronto.

It’s just a shame to see the best 2 players in the CFL beaten up like that and it’s even worse to see them often injured.

Yeah, but I can't see the Riders parting with any of their O-linemen. Just another reason the trade will never happen. . .

Why do so many expect BC to donate their team a QB ? Yes we donated one to the Bombers , but does that mean we're supposed to give one to any other team because their guy sucks?
Wally is not one for making alot of trades , he believes in continuity , keeps his best guys and finds new players rather than making trades to fill his needs.That's why his teams have always maintained their competitive edge. He's a competitor not a charity.
Besides there soon will be a Printers sweepstakes when he's a free agent so everyone will get a shot at getting him anyway.

I, for one, am not expecting anything - I'm just dreaming. :smiley: And don't get your hopes up on a Printers Sweepstakes - my bet is he tries a jump to the NFL first. Hope I'm wrong, 'cause I'd sure like to see him stick around the league. . .

Ray took a beating last night too.

Maas better be ready to play, because any one of those hits could put our starter out - and we know Maas can win us games…not too sure about Johnson yet.

You proved my point. That's why the deal would be the best move for BC at this point. If you get rid of Dickesnon, who by the way is 9 years older and less athletic and less entertaining, you can free up loot to sign Printers. Of course, that would be a risk because I think Printers is NFL material.


dickenson has a no trade clause!

no way he makes an NFL team next year.

His intention is to make a team and play 1st or 2ns string when he goes.

At this point he can’t do that, NFL Player personell people have told him he needs 2-3 more years of high level football to sharpen his reads.

That’s why he wanted a 3 year deal with the lions, to make his NFL try at 27-28, so he wouldn’t just end up a 3rd or 4th stringer.

He will probably be in the cfl for 3 more years, including this year

Hope you’re right wce - I’d love to see eight more of him around the league. . .

The comments that DD is not going anywhere are spot on to what Buono told the media pre-season and noted the Grey Cup and wanting BC to be there and the need for these two QBs.

Last night and DD's back spasms show just how close a backup is to playing despite sitting out the last 5 games other than holding on missed FGs by O'Mahony... ok cheap shot, sorry. FGs by O'Mahony.

Casey looked like it was his first combat of the season and yet had moments of brilliance punctuated by moments of horror. Oh right, it was his FIRST game under fire this year so you can't expect a lot more than what he gave last night which included some good drives, scoring and botched scoring chances by the place kicker.

The short FG miss and O'Mahony's record to date should have Casey run the ball to the middle from the hache marks where it was. Instead he tossed a freebie pass into the end zone knowing it was a chip shot FG that a fan could make with any reasonable skill in kicking a ball of any sorts.

Plus, keep in mind that Printers only had a couple hours of notice that he was going into the game. From a psychological standpoing, that's a huge factor, regardless of how prepared or unprepared a person may be. Printers impressed me, despite the obvious rust.

And he was absolutely battered and beaten in the process by Edmonton's D-line.

That short fg was considered a very tough angle to make . Same spot Macallum missed his West final kick from . On second down though you can't fault the offense from trying for the end zone though instead of better placing the ball . Unlessof course, they had tried running for the end zone to the other side instead of a pass .

The NFL knows who Casey Printers is and where he is. I will be surprised if he goes there next year, and I'm still not convinced that he will ever play there. Don't get me wrong, I thought he played very well last night given the fact he has been out of game action for so long. I base my opinion on the fact that there have been very few CFL stars to go to the NFL and stay there, let alone make an impact. Time will tell. Dave Dickenson went there and ended up holding a clipboard for three years till he got sick of it and wanted to play again.


That's because Dickenson does NOT possess the same skill-set as Printers. Folks, it appears that the fans, Lions, and the CFL as a whole doesn't realize what you have. Printers is a Michael Jordan type player. All he needs to do is stay healthy and get the touches to prove it.