Dickenson to miss second straight start

Dickenson to miss second start July 22, 2007

Dave Dickenson's CFL future remains unclear after a third concussion in two years. (file)By Perry Lefko, Sportsnet.ca

Quarterback Dave Dickenson won't be in the lineup for the second consecutive game for the B.C. Lions when the team plays in Calgary on Saturday.

The Lions have already decided that backup Buck Pierce will start, backed up by third-stringer Jarious Jackson.

The Vancouver Province is reporting the team will announce the signing of Gino Guidugli to become the third stringer.

The 6-foot-3, 230-pound Guidugli, who is a product of the University of Cincinnati, has pro experience in NFL Europa and most recently Green Bay of Arena Football 2.

Pierce has sustained injuries in the last two games, including bruising his ribs in the last game, which B.C. won 22-18 over Hamilton at B.C. Place on Thursday. In the previous game, a 42-12 win over Saskatchewan, he suffered a bruise on his throwing hand. Dickenson suffered a concussion, his third in two years, in the same game.

The Lions medical staff is monitoring the status of Dickenson, amid concerns by many outside the organization about the future health and welfare of the often-injured quarterback, who led B.C. to a Grey Cup win last year.

Dickenson dressed in civvies for the last game, wearing sunglasses and watching the game from under the stands.

oh well

Ya you're right, no big deal.

It's not like no one saw this coming.....

I never said this was a big surprise, I was just posting an article that I thought some people would be interested in considering one of the best starters in the league won't be playing this week. Just because you don't care doesn't mean others don't as well. Believe it or not this actually effects a game this week between the Lions and Stamps.

I don't care?? Did I say that? Ummm....nope, I didn't. I never once said I didn't care.....if you inferred that, it's on you, not me....I'm just saying it's about as shocking as the sun rising tomorrow.....

It may not be shocking, but not all news is.

What is worse than the fact Dave will miss his second start, is the very real possibility that he will never play again.
Dave Dickenson, when healthy, is still the best QB in the league.
And if he can't come back from this, it will be a sad day for the league.

Godspeed Dave!

I completely agree with Arius. If you are truly a fan of CFL football as opposed to a mindless team groupie, you will want to see the league’s best players play - regardless who they play for.

Concussions arent cool.

Agreed. Not a fan of the Lions, but here is to hoping he makes his way back!

Not surprised. Where I will be surprised is if he plays again. How many concussions can he take before he ends up in a wheel chair? Even Dunnigan was on the radio the other night talking about how he still feels the pain from his concussions.

...Dave, don't turn your brain to pudding, quit while you can.......

he prolly wont play a next game either :stuck_out_tongue: this injury just wont go away that quick :roll:

The depth of the Lions is going to be tested in the coming games. Thankfully we are 4-0 and can afford roll the dice a bit.

'''if he's smart he'll take Dunigans advice...and really think about 'quality of life'....it's not all football....welllll maybe not for some......D.D. is going to have to make a career decision....and SOON... :roll:

I see they are not even bringing him to Calgary......Even the altitude of the Jet is too much for him.

Any bets on whether he announces retirement soon?

Considering he's taking a plane to Toronto to get his head checked out by a specialist, I would assume the altitude of the plane has nothing to do with him not making the trip....call it a hunch.... :wink:

...Third is flying him in the mod jet, and has assured DD that the altitude will never exceed 300 feet....

Then I hope flying upsidedown the entire way wont bother him either!