Dickenson to have head checked in T.O.

[url=http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sports/story.html?id=b3069e6d-51c0-4a5e-b7ba-34a922e654cf]http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/ ... a922e654cf[/url]

“CKNW reported that Dickenson would be meeting with Dr. Karen Johnston, a noted Montreal-based neurosurgeon who lists concussed NHLer Eric Lindros among her clients, but a Lions spokesperson could not confirm the identity of the specialist.”

If he’s going to meet Karen Johnson, he’s going to be meeting with one of the best in the business. That being said, I’m with Matt Dunigan on this. It doesn’t look good for Dickenson long term in a football sense, let alone after he retires. If he is anywhere near where Matt was at the end of his career concussion-wise, he will have issues down the road as Matt has to this day.

I wish him the best!

Oski Wee Wee,

We all Wish Double D Well

"SURREY, B.C. (CP) - B.C. Lions quarterback Dave Dickenson, who has been suffering concussion-like symptoms since a July 13 game in Regina, will remain on the sidelines for an indefinite period.

Dickenson, who has suffered three head injuries in less than two years, flew to Toronto and was examined by Dr. Karen Johnston, a neurosurgeon at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Wednesday.

Johnston consulted with Lions team physician Dr. Bob McCormack and it was decided Dickenson would continue his treatment, said a team official.

Wally Buono, the Lions coach and general manager, didn't want to comment on how many CFL games Dickenson could miss.

''We are going to wait and be patient and let our medical staff inform us,'' Buono said after the Lions practice. ''I don't think it's proper for people who aren't medically trained to make assessments or make statements on something they aren't sure of.'' "


If DD doesnt retire as Dunigan had to, then he ought to have his head examined

Seems to me like he will end up retiring this season at some point. It doesn't sound promising if he is seeing a specialist.

Best of luck to Dave.